Thursday, 5 May 2016

To Be or No Bees?

Industry Whistleblower Claims This (wi-fi) is What’s Really Killing Honeybees

If this waveband of emf is a critical or major factor then there are places on Earth where it is not prevalent - indeed even in US around radio telescopes. So studying the bee population in such areas may help to bring clarity. But the toxic load is another term for too far out of alignment. And the bee is a symbol of working together, as well as of going forth to pollinate flowering beings - without which we could not live here.

Note that new forms of light transmitting wireless digital communication are being developed that may replace current versions.

The mind always tries to crystalize blame elsewhere - while that role is given as its purpose. 'Making sense of our world' is condescendingly used to denote primitive man with his magical and religious stories, by an apparently 'rational' supremacy that has essentially 'discovered' its place at the top of the pyramid of life. Its grasp of 'reality' is no less a grasp on power than any other human politic. But the nature of a split mind is that when it 'succeeds' in victory, it discovers it has attacked, hollowed and undermined itself all along and must serve life from a willingness to release the identity in the illusion of power.

In the 'meanwhile' beneath and within the appearances of power and control are the very hates and fears we thought to eradicate or deny. Like shadow power operating through the trojan horse of our own pet theories and projects.
One of which is to replace life with a manual system of control - for life is a relational - that is psychic-emotional relationship with forms of consequence - and that relationship is the true context of our existence and not a form to exploit.

The thinking of relational avoidance is able to mask in the forms of life without revealing its intent as hateful. By subverting and replacing our thinking with signal jamming thoughts we lose the feeling awareness of our being and our true belonging and take on the rogue or negative ego of a separated and threatened existence. This is the open cheque predisposition to being usurped and exploited by external power - for we have turned our back on our own and become identified in false context.

Is this the tipping point? Is this where Earth Consciousness aligns receptive willingness to recognize and release the phase of self-differentiation to reintegrate Herself - or be recognized by our own choice as not embracing Life on Earth and thus be released from being tangled up in relationship we never recognized or embraced anyway - no matter what was offered?

The good v evil narrative is the primary splitting device by which to avoid or delay receptive acceptance and operate 'separatively'. While we each discern and navigate our relational focus in the world, the setting of judgements to coerce or conform reality prevents the unique meaning and sharing of Life free-willingly. What is called for is not new candidates to cast as evil in our world but a deeper willingness to challenge our reality presumptions and honestly deeply and free-willingly listen or be open to relationship of a living communication - rather than a fixed focus in forms that have acquired set meanings in which the avoidance of relationship and intimate communication or 'knowing' is maintained.

Is this writing a gift from Life to the willing? It is entirely your freedom to listen in the heart or listen to what passes as your own thinking so as not to hear. True thought joins us with Creation - which is 'joined' or an interrelated and expansive whole. False thinking 'joins' in the idea of being separate from everything you sense, feel and know - so as to judge it, and seek control over it.

Is a sting-less bee merely a fly? Would we live differently without a hidden back door access to the 'power' of intent to hurt? Jesus lived that way. The Idea he embodies did not take - though it didn't entirely fail either - for it has to work with what is brought against it to open a greater perspective upon what seems to be true. The Idea is always with us - regardless the blocking tactics or the mimicking mask of associating the form without the purpose and splitting a version that is effectively false currency or signal jamming. The discernment of the Holy Spirit is simply your true discernment held in trust while you play out the idea of divide and rule.

Communication has been turned on its head. Communion is the carrier wave of any real communication - but strategic necessity dictates the use of communication to preserve distance such that a trickle leaks through to be fed on by a denial that has to have something to deny to persist in seeming to exist. Even the avoidance of relationship operates entirely within Relational Being - and if there is life entangled in it - then there is a capacity to know itself received. Nothing else will 'make' anyone listen than the extension of a fundamental honesty of acceptance for being without strings attached.
Suppressed symptoms eventually rise in displaced and multiple complexities. If we don't give acceptance to the movement of life within us - we will not have it for each other and our World - and we will blame something that keeps us from a deeper sense of conflict that we do not have any confidence to heal - because we are cut off from the communioned sense of being by a self-protective reflex - operating mechanically.
When habits are recognized as habits they are no longer habits - but choices.

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