Friday, 6 May 2016

Diet, Toxicity and Consciousness

Scientist Who Found Gluten Sensitivity Now Says it Doesn’t Exist

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Yes - toxic exposures are much more significant than the "authorities" care or dare to let you know. Therefore they forsake authority of shared trust for a mask of credibility that 'real life' then can then only disintegrate - or seem to attack - because it is not true communication nor therefore true science.

However, rather than promote fear as the lever - I invite a loving appreciation of your consciousness - regardless the 'inherited conditioning' that seems to 'block' or limit it with thinking-drama - as the basis from which to discern and align an ongoing unfolding of that appreciation.

It is not by resisting the evil that we uncover our good, so much as recognizing it has no belonging in us and putting it behind. What we resist, persists. In other words we don't have to invest in evil to use it to justify or validate choosing our good. Which unselfconsciously bears witness to its inner nature.

I see that our consciousness regulates 'filters and blocks' as a way of what seemed to be a protective power through self-limiting. The need or demand not to know what we are - as part of an attempt to deny relational conflict arising from a sense of lovelessness and disconnection in which guilt came into our thinking and operated a reversal of the light. Our first diet is our definitional sense of who we are in relation to anything.

Self-hatred or a negative self-appreciation, is also toxic or destructive to full feeling relational communication, and so to functional capacities that then appear blocked, disconnected or distorted. Consciousness can 'physicalize' communication feedback as symbols to illuminate underlying issues that the surface consciousness s currently evading or denying. This doesn't negate or exclude working at any other level - but I suggest, becomes an integrative context in which all approaches that hold resonance and relevance are considered. Because all are working with consciousness that we never could 'disconnect from' or 'physicalize' out of (or into). And so the basis from which a negative or segregative sense of self is questionable. Challengeable. Open to curiosity and discovery.

A processed diet has resulted in a pharmed and managed population in which freewilling consent or emotional honesty cannot be afforded or allowed. Your biology and your mind are being presumed property of the transnational state. This is a reversal of Creative Existence that calls for undoing, by moving our feeling being out from a denied or guilted passivity or emotional reactivity to find acceptance and balance in the heart. Our Feeling is the fruit of our definitional acceptance and is also our diet - for it energizes our perspective, in which our thinking then embodies as acts - whose consequence reinforces or conditions the thought, the feeling, the definition.

When the definition shifts to embrace and accept more of what is being reflected, the feeling is of being embraced in Life. Pain of any kind and on any level is difficult to accept and embrace within the definitional context that set it up. And yet when there is no where else to 'escape', a process of communication can no longer be kept away.

The power of belief is given powerful witness in all the negatively defined outcomes of our world - but they are not seen as belief - but as reality. The human condition.

Rather than the human conditioning. I feel we are not necessarily lazy or reluctant, so much as operating outside of a true appreciation and so feel no support of worth without using the negative outcome - (the stick of guilt) to seek motivation or leverage for a future fulfilment that never comes. Once this pattern has usurped the presence of life shared, its becomes accepted as the way life works and without filling in all the dots here - the way the goal justifies the means - and so getting rid of weeds or pests becomes part of getting rid of economic cost or losses, which becomes getting rid of dissent and challenge to the power to persist in maximal profit while outsourcing true cost, which becomes getting rid of un-economic populations and indeed getting rid of bioconsciousness itself in transhuman replacement.

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  1. I would love to understand the foundations of a healthy gut maintenance and diet in your opinion, if you have time. I have heard and attract such conflicting views and find I am having difficulty hearing myself.

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