Thursday, 5 May 2016

Individual Globalism

Globalist peril vs. The Individual
By Jon Rappoport
Jon writes toward opening a free imaginative individuality instead of succumbing to a global collectivism. I join in his theme in my own way.

 I share the underlying concern but look for the core pattern to emerge from any disguises or trappings in which it has been set. In this sense trappings is an apt term for the result of masking or hiding the patterns of consciousness in terms of conflict, fear and blame is a kind of mind-trap that thought only winds up or reinforces, in its attempt to think itself out and force-identify such thinking as if it promises freedom.

 My individuality IS my relationship with you - at least it is never found where my relationship with you is invalidated or denied. That does not dictate the form and flavour of how I choose or accept myself to be with you. But I am ALWAYS in relation to something while I have any awareness of existence at all, and how I choose to accept myself in definition to each and any event or relationship is how I define and create my experience of myself in 'the world' of relation.

 One-ness can only experience itself through relation and in this sense are you 'brother' to me - though I don't have a non-gender term for sharing the same Source. The capacity to recognize Self or Life in each other is our core or original Communication or Mind - yet we clearly have also a capacity to perceive a stranger in hateful or loveless terms of fear and threat and distrust. Once the identity is set in conflict, it is defended and protected from Communication and a reversal of the law of love operates in the minds of those who play out the roles of hate and blame, fear and pain.

 This reversal is a false foundation - yet from it is Everything filtered and distorted to serve or reflect an alloyed purpose of love and hate that co-fuse together until the loving to hate in blame joins with the hating to love, in pride or shame to set the polarities of a false and shifting sense of life and self in terms of good v evil. This narrative is the fight or flight mind that has a place in physical reality to move you when your mind is not available in time to react. But it is not the true or free basis of Life on Earth even if it is being given that place by our collective individual acts of alignment within it or from it.

 Creation of Unfolding sharing Experience is Free Imagination - along the lines of any meanings and values accepted and thus creatively engaged in for your sharing - for your life is a sharing - not a 'thing' unto itself nor unto some Objective Thing by which to validate or justify such a self.

 But the sharing is of a vibrational resonance that communicates itself through everything you accept for you, feel the nature of and think and act from. It is not a division of 'stuff' that diminishes as it is shared or an experience of sacrifice or loss of Life or Self in sharing - but rather the re-membering and re-minding of who and what you truly are. Being yourself - in forms of experience - is served by the contrast with what you are not. There is no necessary or inherent conflict in choosing what you want - or feel your true alignment with - unless you give a negative or fear-charged and invalidating meaning of rejection to what you are not choosing in this moment, in this life, to be the idea in expression of.

 Power-struggle is always first within your accepted definition of Self. A reflection of conflicted experience is the feedback by which to address definitions that are out of alignment with who you feel and know yourself to be. Fear of wanting what we want can seek power by using others as excuses or justifications for not being simply and directly open - and we communicate hidden agenda no matter how ell we mask our presentations to ourself and to each other.

 Truing up is not 'resisting evil' or 'saving the world' but it will leave less and less room for the reversals of thought that give rise to negative or fear and guilt-based experience - to manifest as your world. For the knowingly denied misalignments of Self are felt as self-betrayals, not as suffering at the hands of another.

 In all of this I appreciate that we do have practical communications within the experience of conflicted relationships, breakdowns of communication and emotional confusion that still have to be addressed wisely or otherwise - as wisdom is allowed into expression.

 Insofar as we have duty of honouring to the meanings and values that our true relationships are embodiments of - we have chosen this life regardless our mind may assert an emotionally forceful narrative to the contrary. Awakening true responsibility for our life - for our own unfolding experience of existence - as a sharing that is operating through us whether we know it or not - is our alpha and omega. To arrive at our beginning and know it for the first time... is our Divine Inheritance - as implied in 'Behold I make all things new!' You don't have to accept any baggage with this meaning - for it is not more or less than a fresh perspective.

 Freedom is firstly a matter of perspective arising from actively accepted definition. The 'mind-trap' is a story that seems to demand you listen to its some more. But it is up to you where you give your attention. The yielding of our thought in pause to a true receptivity of being is simply 'checking in' with Source. To NOT do this as the natural response to the Gift of Experiencing Existence is a result of becoming a stranger to your Self.

 Global Consciousness is not the result of power struggle but rises in return to our awareness from of release of the conflicted foundation - as a yielding in open willingness for the guidance and support of knowing your right place or right timing in true relation within Earth Consciousness.

 To live this Experience is not merely to dream a life in concept. "Concept" carpets, curtains and blinds - as a fixed state of no real relational experience at all. It is the polarity of 'forgetting' the Movement of being as a result of identifying in form. Living Idea is much more of a dance in which the Universe joins in. Smile and the world smile's with you - because your world is a vibrational reality to which you are tuned to share. But watch the mind of mimicry that learns to 'smile' as if to get something for itself alone. No guilt or blame. Just watch it when you notice it in-act. The false falls away of itself when you do not recognize yourself in it.

 Framing ourself in terms of fear is a false conviction. But denying the witnesses to undercurrent fears that conflict our lives until they are resolved or undone is no less false.

 True and false is a matter of moment by moment discernment - as a result of checking in. Because the forms of things do not equate their true meanings - and whatever stories we are participating in are for our own reasons - regardless what others choose to see in us.

 I am attracted to the stories of awakening from ancient hate to a present loving and of course I have no power to live anyone else's life even if I had any room in mine to consider doing so. The words may be unrealistically idealistic - but a present loving is an unconditional acceptance of who I am experiencing myself - with you - to be right here and now. And like a smile, I cannot DO this by or for myself alone - but something rises spontaneously from the heart as a wholeness of being that goes forth without making demand on another, or a world, to conform or fit my demand or expectation. OR I am attending to such stories in place of embracing the moment as it is.

 The truly global or Universal, is the extension or sharing of the true individual. If you set this in the 'future' then a fleeting moment is all that you have as it is sacrificed to a past made in anger. Yet the moment expands as you open to it. Eternity is hidden in plain sight, and yet time can be used to restore its awareness as our own. There is a choice here on Earth as to whether we each want to embrace Life or not  - and I mean the Movement of a relational transformative journey in being that some part of us felt called in or we would not be here at all. Heartbreak must yield to wholeness of being of a greater perspective - or it 'chooses' the idolisation of a fixed 'perspective' in which Life is not welcome. The reaction to error persists it. We have to learn to recognize it in ourself and live from a true willingness if we want freedom from the strange fruit of a false identity.

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