Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Cultural renewal is an act of individual appreciation

In a conversation on the future and role of a web site for the circle dance network was said:
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Over the longer term, I'd like to see it develop/link to consolidated resources of material such as notes on dances, e.g. their origins, sources of music, cultural notes, etc.
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I felt this rep lie expand out of the question:

So I ask, what is the 'it' that will in time develop and link to consolidated resources for the dance?

The control/withholding/owning  of information feels to me to be a defining paradigm of an age that I feel is coming to its end. I feel that anything operating on this basis will fade with it.

Not that anything 'should' be free, or that sources 'should' be ignored, usurped, dishonoured, repackaged and sold. There is an energetic basis for the communication and exchange of energy that is a living relationship and not a system of steps set in stone.
Life can operate or unfold as a matter of integration as communication of a nature, that the 'control/withholding/owning mentality' obscures, denies, or distorts to render unrecognisable and therefore untrustworthy.

Because I hold the dance within the sense of a reintegrating movement of being, I feel to accept and align with that movement - as I uncover the seeming blocks and relax through them. Indeed I see life as the process of such apparent blocks rising in order to be re-cognized or known again in an original perspective instead of the assertion of a mentality that arises from a negatively or fearfully defined sense of disconnected self - and seeks to eradicate them in perpetual war.

I put that first because without a foundation, there is no basis for change.  The old foundation can only persist in a depleting and burdensome struggle.

So I ask, what is the 'it' that will in time develop and link to consolidated resources for the dance?

There is no 'it', only us - and perhaps there is no us excepting as we each re-cognize our self in the desire or movement of being that is
... the willingness to begin,  
... the motive power to do and sustain, 
... the guiding consciousness to direct, 
... the appreciation of fulfilment shared.

So the idea of the 'it' is all too easily the wishful rehearsal of ideas that perhaps fish for something to line up as transaction without the  transformative process of relationship, involvement and embrace. It is sort of talking in code so as to make our now seem to be 'later' so as to attend to something else given precedence in the 'meanwhile'. 

I don't say any of this in rebuke or blame whatsoever - but simply to notice that we all know how to operate in coded ways that tend to mask or cover over facets of our self or our relationship that we sought to hide from or indeed hide in.

In order to be able to develop and link and share in such a venture we need to embody a different consciousness than the judgemental right/wrong, either/or mentality - much as our personal mythology might be predicated on it.

A process of communication, honourably engaged, has an outcome that all who are willing to share in it, can walk with. The attempt to coerce the outcome is always a denial or avoidance of communication as assertion of personal or private agenda - which is often operating unconsciously UNTIL it comes up to awareness as a dissonance of communication in relationship.

No one 'should' engage in communication or relationship of commitment, but such is life already. A true and honest accounting of what we accept as true of us and are thus committed to as the basis of our relationships is our integrity. If we persist in choosing out of alignment with our integrity, we experience disconnection and loss and thus attempt to operate from a sense of independence that we do not have - although we can assert the wish of a segratively defined sense of self and play its experience out in such a way as to believe we are as defined in the story and are not the scriptwriter.

I know that in attempting to articulate a different perspective, I become unintelligable in the same way that a non dancer can be dropped into a vocabulary of rhythm and movement and neither know what is going on, nor have any handle on it to begin to get with it - until they relax the models that simply don't fit - and be open to receive the living information, guidance or direction that does.

To give oneself wholly to what one loves or is moved or inspired to do - to the best of one' current ability -  is the key to living in any given moment. But to live this is to be willing to challenge or enquire as to how and why one actually IS choosing to squelch or limit or invalidate that which truly, is you.

Being no more and no less but exactly who we are is the condition in which all else is appreciated as it is.  The attempt to defend and maintain who one is not is no longer finding the music to support it - and thus generates conflict in order to 'survive and prevail'. 

Authenticity and integrity are not constructed or derived from external author-ity without uncovering one's own, nor asserted without due honouring of the true authority working through the willingness of others that join and link in shared purpose as the dance of life - which is not really about 'getting there' or becoming someone' so much as being this moment of unfolding as a creative act.

In Peace


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