Sunday, 19 October 2014

Endgame: awakening

I have come across a site called Medialens. I bookmarked it and registered to be able to interact in its Forum.
Another member posted an extract of premises from a book called 'ENDGAME' and after reading it I felt to write the following:

I'm looking around on my first visit here. Attracted to the principles in media as I am to mind-watching.

I 'come from' a background in consciousness rather than from thinking and generally blog or comment to invite and promote what I sometimes call 'consciousness responsibility'.

I appreciate the points raised but feel that our tendency as thinkers is to persist from presumptions that are believed but invisible to us and mutually reinforced as part of the human conditioning, not least by thievery definitions, (That was a typo but I recognised it serves even better than what I was intending to write), by which our particular patterning of human experience is templated upon.

I hold it is the foundation of identity in false and therefore conflicted and fearful definition, that results in unsustainable, parasitic, heart-denying, vengeance seeking, self-hating, death worshipping, etc etc etc.

However, one has to start from where one is - including where one believes one is, and while one believes one's beliefs are unchallengable fact - (and not beliefs at all). IN THIS SENSE there is no shame in where we come from when we come TO a willingness to challenge what I feel you rightly describe as an insanity.

Guilt operates as a denial and invalidation of consciousness as creative and compassionate freedom. What kind of civilisation can shine and flower WITHOUT creative freedom aligned with the Qualities of Life?  Clearly, this is what is being explored in this time - among many other strands of possibility. And part of this exploration is the transformation of consciousness from a sleeping identification within the illusion of power, to the waking responsibility within the power of illusion.

No matter how many millions seem to conform to or support certain ideas, the ideas themselves are attributes of consciousness - albeit reinforced through their cultural manifestations. And they are conflicting ideas  - generating the idea of conflict as self-definition - upon which an attempt to mitigate, or contain chaotic conflict has been invoked, summoned, applied and identified with as the unsustainable but persisting sense of structure, continuity and order, many of us take as our 'self'.

The protection can serve a function of damping the most extreme fears to allow a period or relative stability - IN WHICH LEARNING MAY OCCUR. In many ways this is like the role of parent who holds the conditions of safety and succour while the new member acquires the appropriate orientations and skills to be able to  follow their own life purpose or theme of experience and discovery.

That the guardian becomes a guard and the protection, a racket, is an accumulating fruit of the tares in the wheat - for the oppositional identity is that which denies its Source as the condition of its assertion of independent existence. This is the 'disconnecting or split off mentality that is founded on insane premix of the lie and the father of the lie - which is the WISH to be an independent private authoriser or power in one's own right.

To the mind in its addictive identification within such wish - ANYTHING that would expose its foundation is felt as a direct threat, to which it reacts with whatever defences neutralise that threat.

In short, the kind of devices and deceptions we are more readily seeing in our world, are reflecting the way our consciousness has been predicated. The moneylenders in the template are that interloping or usurping imposition of attempt to own and control that can ONLY result in fearful and life-denying limitation and depletion.

The template is not visible to the drama obsessed because they are so engaged in their own interpretive experience as it reinforces their perceived need, that they do not pause from reaction so as to allow the perspective to rise in which to discern anything clearly at all.

There is both the individual template of idea, definitions and themes, as well as the individual agreement within the collective template. For we are not as separated from each other or our world as our thinking suggests and our perceptions report back.

Willingness to pause or disinvest of the disconnecting, fear based, segregative identity of divide and rule - which operates through any and all masks or disguises, allows the restitution of our truly integrative and creative embrace of Life to undo the misalignments that express and support a self-delusional war with the Life, unrecognised - by bringing them into a true willingness and witness of communication, free of coercion.

Change the template and all that proceed THROUGH IT will reflect accordingly. But this is the very antithesis of coercion, for coercion seeks to fit or force the manifestation into a private agenda whereas noticing the mind-in-act and owning one's own choices, allows one to act FROM the truly creative level of choosing afresh, in alignment with a real relationship, now, instead of re-enacting a past in which change itself became as if the enemy and life an attempt to survive it by asserting defence offensively in attempt to prevail.

True dominion is the sovereign will that recognises itself in others and in life and the world because it embraces and knows its own thought as the shared movement of unfolding creation. When we give negative energy to what does not hold resonance and relevance to our core identity AS Life, we continue to manifest what we reject from consciousness instead of giving it disregard.

The reintegrative movement is not at war with the segregative movement. It uses everything - including the negative - to serve a positive understanding or perspective of appreciation.
Clearly this is not something we humanly DO - so much as something we allow to be done through us in such moment of noticing, pause, willingness and permission to embrace a true authority - that operates unselfconsciously via a release of the inhibition to love.

The motivation is universally toward that which we define as our Good or our pleasure or fulfilment and away from what we define as our pain or loss. The wide variation of behaviours and motivations arises from what we each - in any moment - define ourselves to be, in relation TO that moment, situation or relationship.

The reactive mechanism would be a perpetual motion but for a limit to the capacity to tolerate pain - be that apparently spiritual, mental-emotional or physically defined. Ingenuity seeks to preserve the misalignment whilst minimising the pain. Yet an honest account or owning of the pain serves the waking to the true need and the aligning to its being met.

The kind of society that arises from innate freedom rather than the search to BECOME free is different. Not least in that it unfolds out of its own movement of cooperative communion with Life instead of trying to put Humpty together again in the King's name.

There is no way to think oneself into freedom or awakening as consciousness because such thinking IS the attempt to persist within the misalignment whilst masking the symptoms. But listening and indeed speaking the movement of the heart is not thinking, so much as 'not getting in the way'.

Learning how to be consciousness as a flow of being without getting in one's own way is not an accumulation of techniques to then apply as an act of a seemingly separate will, so much as learning by doing, in which relevant information syncs with the willingness to Live, rather than accept a definition of life in which Life is denied. It is only ever THIS moment in which consciousness responsibility can be resumed/accepted and embraced as freedom at the creative level, to recognize, communicate, relate and appreciate.

What we DO proceeds automatically from what we hold true - unless we inhibit its expression, in which case we do not yet accept what we say we hold true AS true. The feelings of guilt, self-conflict and inadequacy or failure have to be 'reconfigured' to inspire curiosity as to what one is ACTUALLY believing try for such results to manifest. An innocent asking can uncover what a sophisticated and experience-conditioned mind cannot… because the former does not presume it SHOULD know, nor expect that knowing is withheld. While the latter is possessed of loss by seeking private gain.

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