Monday, 20 October 2014

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery

Someone commented:
If you refuse to fight, they can always force you to...
Which is probably one of the reasons "they" like to have wars...

If you see that you are being baited to react in fear, hate or pride, do you really have to take the bait?
If your own conditioning baits you to identify in such acts, do you have to accept it as you?

If fighting is the only model you know then you will not have any other choice.

Is there any other way to resolve conflict?

There is a teaching that says persecution deepens one's faith - that is the situations that tempt one to revert to old patterns of choice become the proof that YOU HAVE changed - when you are no longer tempted and no longer deny your truth in fear's protection.

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery - none but our self can free our minds". Sang Bob Marley - and it is so.

Caesar may be able to force his will on behaviours, but only with the result of a hollow outcome - for everyone knows a tyranny is not a free willingness - even if they feel impelled in their current definitions of their situation, to act out the role.

So yes, by setting the traps and the baits to get you to freely CHOOSE to act in the way 'they' (or your fearful self-beliefs) want you to choose, they merely have to uncover your trigger points and then set them off in a particular set of associations - perhaps without their fingerprints, if the scam is an ongoing harvest. Nothing is really really private. We give our hopes and fears away in so many ways, on so many levels.

Repentance in its true sense is not for what you DID, so much as what you believe you did. This is attested by the complete release of guilt that comes with accepting what IS you and releasing all that is NOT. If it piles on guilt it is not repentance but a scam to keep you in the dark. Maybe you don't want to wake up just yet?… then invoke a scam to keep the light out. In that sense war is a scam to keep the mind in conflict with its Source so as not to allow anything true to enter. A lie must generate war, or it would dissolve and cease to 'exist'.

Vengeance seems like justice to the one who has not uncovered their own coercive intent and act. But the saying, what goes around, comes around is true. What you give out is what you get back. Always and in all ways. One doesn't have to look for trouble to find some - but what comes to me I accept as part of my opportunity to uncover more of what is out of alignment within me - so as to correct it. I admit to you that it does not SEEM to be that way while I am identifying in falsely founded reaction that asserts itself as a defence AGAINST uncovering what is felt shameful, inadequate and unlovable in myself - and so I am targeted at WANTING TO SEE IT in others as a device to hide in.

An elitist mentality thinks it can get from others at their expense and be justified by might as the 'chosen' or 'elect'.

Self exceptionalism says "I am special - and none of you are my equal"- and it may also say "I am specially afflicted and must be protected from such monstrous cruelty!" - but beneath its masks it thinks in impotence and rage, "I am deprived and denied that which is mine by right and I will get it back from any who seem to have what I lack - and bring them down to know my rightful due.

Much of this operates under our radar or 'unconsciously' - but there are those who look within to operate in alignment with what seems to them to be power, but which uses them as it does all else to merely persist or defend against change that threatens its self-definition.

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