Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Unidentified Fear Objects

The nature of free will absolutely maintains the freedom to not accept what is rejected as well as to assert the untrue. Proof of Existence is interpreted... any way you want.
Any choice as to WHAT it is, defines not only the 'object' but the mind.
Who has forgotten their true being as Existence Itself is lost in the mind of definitions and assertions.
The mind that would map and define as an act of control and prediction refuses to recognize the One in All and so has ego-alien adventures.
Honesty is a willingness to observe one's mind in action. To note the emotional dictates that condition the thought to choose one view over another or indeed to invalidate a view such that it cannot begin to be allowed.
Fear is beneath the mind we hide within - as it is the thing we hide from.
Unidentified Fear Objects.
I invite owning our fear as an honesty from which a different experience unfolds than 'giving away power' to beliefs that shut down the mind in fearful definition. Why not?

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