Sunday, 19 October 2014

Loneliness deconstructed

(A headline somewhere recently on loneliness being a primary cause of death in older men, 
Loneliness in Seniors Increases Chance of Premature Death and Loneliness Twice as Unhealthy as Obesity for Older People, Study Finds
prompted me to reflect from a consciousness perspective upon loneliness).

Loneliness amidst Infinite Being is an incredible achievement and a tragic experience in and of itself.
But nothing is in and of itself - save God and God is not alone being the very nature of the radiance of giving by which all this is, is, as it is - and knows itself Good.

Lonely is a sense of private unshared existence. This may seem appealing to a sense of self-specialness seeking power... but less so amidst a prodigal wasteland.

We are few of us awake as to the use to which we put our mind. Mistaking ourselves with the persona we suffer to be conditioned by our own falsely egocentric definitions and beliefs.

The baby is all wonder. The mind shuts it down to a trickle. Forgetting who we are is part of growing a human personality structure, but it may then serve as a vehicle for reintegration of a wholeness of being. Putting fear and loss and loneliness behind you.

Therefore challenge your experience - for it can shift as a result of a shift in perspective - even without any external changes. The so called leap of faith is simply the stirring of Who You Really Are (but had forgotten). It may start as a conviction that one's life, the world, is insane or meaningless, and thus one disengages from a total allegiance to 'Caesar' which opens the freedom to notice and appreciate what IS meaningful as truly shared moment truly lived in distinction to a 'world' that is DESIGNED to deny such life. But look again and see it is not the world that is mad so much as the thinking by which we 'see' such a world when we could see the same thing ENTIRELY differently.

It's all a matter of 'where we are coming from'. The saying is; 'smile and the world smiles with you'. Though others may not see it if they are not in a like quality of appreciation.
Human beings trap themselves in their own thoughts. But the way out of such a trap is to recognize that thoughts CANNOT trap or confine or define what MIND IS. Be mindful as to WHY one chooses to believe a world that denies our innate joy in existence. There is always a payoff or the choice would not be made - albeit unconsciously.

There is (infinitely) more to life. The curiosity one is born with is only covered over by distractions and disincentives. Loneliness is a deep pain from which we hide for we ARE love and to NOT be/share what we are IS pain.

Who seeks for love outside themselves believes hatred is within or they would simply rest and let it in. Love comes to those who are willing to share it.
If we define love in a framework that distorts and denies it, we receive in abundance as we have sown by the 'word' of our definition.

Choice is active within our experience. We never choose alone but always as a joining with something we are in relation to. Thoughts are powerful. The illusion of power is but vain and futile thinking - as is apparent to every naked emperor, once the innocent simply exclaims the obvious.

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