Monday, 20 October 2014

Trussed in fear

Prompted my comments:

We tend to use trust for a positive value and use distrust for the lack of such value but actually one always has 100% trust - but in any given moment what exactly is it that we place our trust in? One can place trust in fearful beliefs, coercive and deceitful means, and experience the world through such lens.

One can replace a conscious relationship of negotiated settlement with a  system such as to trust the system and disregard the relationship that the system was supposed to serve - unless of course it was a deceiving attempt to introduce division so as to undermine such relationship and create market or power opportunity for a third party's hidden agenda.
By observing our behaviour we can uncover what we DO believe and choose and give trust to - regardless of what on surface we say we believe or want. "What would I have to believe true to choose to act as I do?". For we always choose toward pleasure and away from pain AS WE EACH DEFINE ourselves in relation to any given circumstance. Many choose the 'devil they know' rather than risk embracing the 'unknown'.

Our definitions are the key - for given a certain interpretation - our actions follow on automatically. Hence the politic of these 'end times' is to manipulate and manage PERCEPTIONS and thus condition the identity with a magnified framework of a negatively defined self that then seeks fulfilment, protection or escape in largely predictable and directed ways.

A fearfully defined sense of self cannot know freedom, intimacy, creativity, love, joy or peace - though it has its substitutes and will assert and defend itself 'free' - because that is what a fearfully defined sense of self does.

I haven't studied the Stalin era in detail - but I do know that several million Ukrainians were starved to death while vast amounts of grain were exported to the West in exchange for industrialisation. This sort of thing does wonders for the balance sheet…

The key to abundance is freedom from coercion, fear and guile. But coercion can define abundance in very narrow terms. Life more abundant is a phrase denoting true riches.

Coercive agenda is deeply embedded in the human condition ing, yet readily observable to even a moments curiosity. Until one can accept and establish an honesty of thought word and deed within one's own consciousness - one cannot extend it  and share a true wellbeing on any level.

So what we are giving out tends to be a masked and conflicted presentation rather than our actual presence - and thats what we draw forth. What you give out is what you get back.
A sense of lack operates as the basis for an abundance of lack. We are deceived in many ways by 'others'  but ultimately by our own thinking. 

Mechanistic thinking is a lovelessness. Alien to our true nature. But everyone has a choice as to how they define themselves to be.

True trust is an intimacy of being because it is undefended to what being is. One may be required to present unto Caesar - but gut feeling and intuition remain key guidance systems beneath the appearance of command and control. 

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