Thursday, 23 October 2014

Terror devizes division

Divide and rule is the modus operandi of a wish for power. It can be readily observed as an almost invisible norm of coercive intent in one's own mind and is reflected in our world writ large in every contention that serves a hidden agenda or 3rd party interest.
A unified resolve must stem from a unified appreciation. This does NOT arise from reaction, but from a true pause FROM reaction so as to allow connection with the wholeness of one's being and thus discern the wholeness of the situation, one step at a time - and not in a 'package' of 'measures and protections' that undermine liberty, trust and communication, for a sense of managing perception in 'righteous' appeal to the fearfully unsettled.
Sometimes history reveals events that are staged or secretly set up or encouraged. Things are not always what they at first seem. One has to actually be free to investigate and share the findings rather than repeat or reactively assume anyone's story. We increasingly live imaginatively without really checking in. Such is the attempt to then coerce and manage PERCEPTIONS that the actual events and relations are subordinated to a coercive narrative. The liar falls into believing their own lies. This is how corruption operates.
Terrorism is also used as a device by which to control one's population and consolidate power. It can also be the anger and hatred of those who find a "justified" target to aim their powerlessness at, but these 'movements' are also nurtured and fed in shadow strategies that are supposed to serve notional interest around the globe.
Within such times it is perhaps impossible to know what is actually occurring in specific incidents. But one can observe the WAY news is presented and the WAY that authorities speak and act and thus discern the coercive attempt to CONTROL the narrative. This may be simply fearful on their part - and ultimately MUST be for only fear is coercive upon the truth of others - and often operates along channels of a fearful self interest amidst the dictates of the established patterns of power.
Owning our fears is a step into seeing clearly. The demand or expectation of being protected from our fears GIVES POWER to that which would come forth to hide and assert a narrative of power over others.

'We' can be used as a false unity of assertion of such power, and the sense of powerlessness that knows not who it is, can succumb to such seduction without even a moment of noticing.

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Comment to the above: "Denial"
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War demands truth be denied.
For truth is not a weapon - but an honesty of being.
The thirst for war operates denial of truth.
Wars with words attempt to shape opinion and condition reaction.
But when one notices a coercive intent that is trying to tell you how to feel or how to interpret, you can deny its authority in your heart and listen and discern what comes up to your own curiosity and interest.
Political and corporate corruption seek to exploit everything to their own agenda, some of which pretends to offer a service or represent your interests.
Cultural challenges are to be met with cultural renewal in some genuine expression of transformation. The attempt to break everything down in order to remake it as a new world order of a particular agenda is the failed ideology of coercing or imposing a will upon others. It is not how life works, it is how war works and how a war economy works.
Terror imprinted upon the mind is how mind control works.
The disintegration of identity, family, community, nation and culture operates through the intent to by pass or neutralise the checks and balances and natural resistance of a healthy body politic just as parasites have evolved ways of by passing or turning off our immune system and in a sense replace our thoughts with their own.
There are various factors operating in any scenario that are not accounted for or acknowledged in the narrative of those who seek to use it to reinforce their own justifications for existence.
There are huge amounts of money involved in 'war on terror' and geopolitical dominance of resources. But the money is evaporating from actual wealth to debt and death and sickness. We let ourselves be deceived. Being baited and triggered into fear makes us easy to manipulate, by framing everything in a narrative that makes the outcome predictable. One can use it all to wake up from identifying within the ideas that are propagated or triggered and actually look at them - and then live out from a less reactive and more grounded perspective.
It isn't that there is nothing to address but that the way we are addressing something IS the expression and communication of culture.

If every violent crime is defined as terrorism one can start using every such event to induce national paralysis, shutdowns and the introductions of martial law in disguise. There are dangers to address - but it is never as the 'wolf' cryer would have us believe, and some 'cures' are much more dangerous than the disease itself. In fact such mad agendas are aimed at medicalising wellness and redefining free communication outside the official narrative as potential terrorism and thus subjecting all to a militarised and oppressive society. There's nothing sane about any of it. But that which wakes to acknowledge insanity must be itself a spark of Reason. And the basis of a better way than being held hostage to fear by gunmen or governments.

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