Sunday, 19 October 2014

Don't Feed The Troll!

Abusive verbal or written behaviour can be checked FIRSTLY by establishing and maintaining a culture of honouring communication. This is the Law that aligns with Life rather than being imposed upon it. Our media and politicians do not tend to demonstrate this in general but employ or are employed by the so called 'dark arts' of persuasion which are coercive upon communication rather than entering and engaging IN it.

"Don't  fee the troll!" is the practice of responsibility FOR communication. To allow oneself to be baited into reaction is to play out a troll's agenda. The 'troll' is unwilling to actually enter into communication excepting where its agenda operates to undermine your communication.
Persistent and malicious nuisance is something that can be dealt with in exposing the identity and agenda of the perpetrator, applying disincentives of, service bans, fines and or community service. Jails are not corrective or useful excepting as a last resort. Psychiatric rehabilitation would serve a better result.

"Troll' is an internet term that once had a meaning that - whatever its appearance could have meant a meaninglessness or waste of time and energy that - once fed - consumes and interrupts a meaningful communication/relationship mutually and freely engaged.
It is simply being used as a derogatory term now - which actually FEEDS the troll - where trolling is attempted, or is USED BY the troll to interject a block to a free communication.

Off topic is not trolling in itself - but may simply be misplaced. Persistent attempt to avoid and disrupt communication through forms of apparent communication are false witness to oneself and others.

Legislating so as to COERCE and CONTROL communication is an 'attack on the very nature of our being'. The capacity TO communicate cannot be truly lost, but mechanically managed slave-mind is a TROLL upon the creative consciousness that we ARE and that we know and grow by SHARING.

Those who choose to refuse to communicate resort to force and guile in order to assert lies in place of true willing. They put themselves in 'Jail' by so doing and 'have their reward' in a fantasy that enslaves them rather than frees them.

Give as you would in truly honouring appreciation of yourself, receive. Don't feed the troll that thinks it is you or tells you who you are or how you should be. Abide in a true willingness for communication WITHIN yourself - and thus live forth from an honesty of being.

Addressing the issue is never attacking the person.
Persecution can be used to live from a more deeply self-honouring commitment rather than playing victim within a framework someone else has devised for their own blind agenda.

Responsibility FOR consciousness is LOW because the ego-persona is indulged as if it were YOU. But mistakenly identified as such it operates perpetual war - as our world is reflecting more clearly to us.
The Law is not a weapon, but a protection - when used to serve a re-alignment or correction of mistaken identity. 'Weapon-thinking' is a war-mind. Trolling is simply one facet of an intent to disrupt communication and divert attention.

Useful communicative devices are soon subverted, devalued and diluted by misuse. The deceiver is not ultimately more than an unwatched mind running out of true, under the delusion of necessity or compulsion that denies exposure TO awareness AND communication. Jesus said 'resist ye not evil' in the same way one might say do not feed the troll. But he did PUT IT BEHIND HIM!

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