Friday, 24 October 2014

Shift happens, put the shit where it belongs

The Hunt for Beneficial Bugs – A Growing Meme?
is the title of an investment news article about the co-opting of 'organic' meme for the biotech approaches that operate the cutting edge of a coercively based culture, as it's science uncovers more information about the complex interrelatedness of all life.

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Using a mask to operate a hidden agenda is nothing new - although its ever-mutating forms may find new ways of expression.
Basically whenever anything of true reality leaks into a closed and coercive system, it will be subverted, co-opted, infiltrated and adulterated - and essentially absorbed into the forms of coercively defended identity.

So when natural is over-ridden by coercive - as in nitrate and pesticide based agro-culture - a name has to be made for what once was simply the way of life - organic.

There is then the attempt to inform and educate - that there are a range of significant negative effects from such a loveless husbandry - which flies in the face of the investment in the coercive mode of getting. So there will be conflicts of assertion or simply massive media assertions of its fee paying clients, until such time as the new shoots are themselves a market to exploit. So the adoption of the forms of something or perhaps the pretence or deceits of adopting the forms of something passes itself off as a virtue when in fact it is a vice.

So is it not always so that the influx of the new is being effectively 'killed' by the establishment? And that by the time the 'new' goes mainstream it simply is the same establishment but in different clothing?

Jesus used the parable of the tenant farmers to illustrate a principle. The tenant farmers kill the messengers of the Master who is absented for they take the vineyard as their own and fear to lose - or indeed be punished. Yet as the Master 'comes home' he simply re-establishes a true perspective. The personality operates AS IF - and under the burden of-  being in control - but is actually supported and guided by a greater consciousness that it is designed to serve, not usurp.

The 'messengers' of a life more abundant - of a greater freedom than coercion can imagine, are not the manufacture of a coercive intent - howsoever nobly intended.  Most of what is talked of here goes on as the patterning of our particular consciousness such as to be largely or completely invisible because we look out from it and have no perspective on it.

A loveless husbandry is a 'getting' mentality. No matter how ingenious the system, a getting-mentality operates a hollowing out and depletion of true wealth. Giving and receiving operate as a sense of true value shared. But without a true perspective giving is associated with loss. Yet giving of self (energy and attention) into any real relationship, project, or 'work or play', is  having a fulfilled life and unfolds such alignments of opportunity and synchronicity as are natural to the generosity and openness of such a harmonic expression.

The key here is giving oneself in true relation - for if the victim of a phishing attack, one's identity is 'stolen' and one then gives ALL THAT IS DUE UNTO SELF - to an imposter.

Isn't this how we play out a world of an ultimate self-deception - for if we are deceived by others we must first ourselves want to be deceived. When we look to see the triggers within our mind that 'phish' our true identity, to substitute it with the struggle to regain, assert or defend a construct... at cost of a real communication. Then we regain a freedom we never really lost.
How that applies to each and every moment of our existence is not something to predefine but unfold as our lives.

Until the struggle of an attempt to validate one's identity is released as the very method of losing it - it will tend to make a drama out of everything, and bait one's attention in reaction. It isn't that there is an 'enemy within' so much as a way of using the mind that no longer serves the consciously embraced purpose. The only reason to give it attention is to become free by transmuting it to original nature. After all, there is nothing wrong with power, love, peace, safety, joy and fulfilment - it is simply the way the mind has been set up to look for them everywhere EXCEPT where they are found.

Aldous Huxley's 'Island' had parrots squawking "PAY ATTENTION!". But the mind would very quickly become immune to that. So there is the reflection of dissonance, division, disease and discomfort mounting to our awareness - which we simply cannot 'absorb' into our 'system' and so it breaks down, one regains true roots and chooses to use the signs to stay aligned instead of indulging in what has been imprinted now in your being as painful futility.

Re- dis- covering of true nature is not going to fit into the coercive model. But the abilities and the persona we have in a sense constructed takes on a new role in a more 'organic' interrelatedness. Of course it takes a process of persistence to integrate such a shift - but shit plays a vital part in organic husbandry and  - in as natural vitality... Shift happens!

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