Saturday, 23 August 2014

Radicalising and polarising populations at home and abroad

Britain mulls steps to combat extremism

This just happens to link to a site that allows comments. The story in all the main media outlets had no comments. It is always revealing as to what articles are allowed or are not allowed comments. What is revealed is that media publishers are not offering independent journalism but are effectively agents of the agenda of others, whether by conscious agreement or in a sense of self-protection amidst otherwise negative consequence.

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Coercion breeds equal and opposite reaction. Only a fool would not see the program of radicalising and polarising populations at home and abroad. War is not firstly upon 'others' but upon truth - or rather upon a true appreciation of Consciousness.
Communication is not a weapon. Communication is an expression and embodiment of relationship.
Now one may not want to communicate or be seen to be in relationship with that which is hated, feared, opposed, but at the level of idea there is no compartment in which to imprison the hated - but the attempt to do so WILL imprison oneself.
Ignorance of one's true appreciation of Consciousness - and consequent arrogances arising from distorted sense of self, lead to any and every kind of negative intent, act and outcome.
Terrorism is not on one side of a divide with legitimacy on the other. Terrorism is the raw attempt to coerce others with terror or fear, into compliance - or indeed to undermine their cooperative communications so as to become manipulatable via fear - or as an act of hate-revenge for believed injustices that otherwise cannot be resolved or that refuse to resolve through communication.
Coercion can be enacted upon individuals as a promise of power coupled with a sense of self-specialness. If persuasion fails they can be threatened with fearful consequence or set up to become hostage to exposures about them that would cost their career, relationships and reputation.
Trickery and deception are the dark 'arts' of power. When the ends are used to justify any means, corruption has hollowed out the governance that was trusted to serve. The deceiver is not a new idea, but will operate through ever new forms of apparent righteousness and protection.
First, look within in direct honest willingness, THEN look out with some sense of integrity. On cannot GET integrity by painting and opposing 'evil' in others. One will only witness one does not HAVE it by the attempt to coerce perceptions.

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