Wednesday, 20 August 2014

War requires denial of communication to action as the communication of total denial (dealing death)

Hamas madly attacking Israel? (A comment decried Hamas for launching rockets from built up areas)

Are Hamas able to act independently of Israeli control?
Wasn't it Israel that covertly brought them to power?
Is is mad to open one's mind to that a State can attack itself in order to bring about desired effects?
Or is is mad to believe the purveyed and directed 'history' as if it were true?
How clever is extremely clever?
But how wise is ignorance of truth and an arrogance of self superiority?
Of course I have to tell you that I do not know who or why is doing what they are doing EXCEPT that everyone acts in the way that brings the Good or at least the lesser evil AS THEIR MIND DEFINES IT.
Insanity - as I see it - uses ANY TACTIC necessary to maintain its segregated 'divide and rule' consciousness.
ALL power-mongers play the same corrupt script regardless their 'identity'. A true leader SERVES.

Israel and Hamas propaganda war (Truth is the first 'casualty' of war - because war is attack on the honesty of a clear and true consciousness).

If one desires to see without getting tangled in the propaganda, simply examine the mentality at work regardless of who seems to be doing it.
There is a power-monger in every mind unless it is truly repented of as a deceiver.
The mentality of self-righteous vengeance that asserts power over anyone who offends it, SEEMS to be justifiable self-defence.
The victimhood that provides the basis for 'sympathy and protection' MUST be maintained, refreshed and renewed as must the hatred that maintains a sense of 'unified identity' OVER AND AGAINST ALL OTHERS.
Self-specialness cares not for the truth of the one it deceives - nor for the worth of anyone else excepting they can be used to further one's private agenda.
Nor does it ALLOW or ENGAGE honest COMMUNICATION excepting when it is certain it will 'win'.
Now the above may apply to various 'persons' or groups at various times - but it is a mentality of deception and the basis of COERCIVE POWER as opposed to aligning with true power. Thus Jesus and others referred to it as the 'deceiver' or the lie and the father of the lie. But it is not a group, a race or a person. There is a key phrase "It takes one to know one". Hatred never vanquishes hatred, but merely changes the surface with ever shifting illusion... that is nonetheless defended as if IT were truth. Identity that is founded in hate and self-specialness is itself hate, but masking its nature.
To see an insanity is to have stepped out of its arena.

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