Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Power corrupts - any mind that is baited into entering its arena.

Re: Sir Michael Rose on the Daily Mail
On the re-engagement of Britain in war on Iraq:

Those who presume that others share the same basis for thought and action (as themselves) are unable to see that what seemed a 'bloody shambles' was in fact to plan and still is - with the break up of Iraq into three statelets.
The 'Empire' that we still inherit values from acquired a sense of decency that in some degree held mercantile forces in check - which otherwise have no check upon their willingness to go to any length and at any cost to attain their objectives. Just as rape is not about sex, nor is global domination really about trading.

Power corrupts and the signs of corruption are the loss of honest communication. Honest communication is denied by coercion and deception. and attacked by triggering fear and guilt in the mind, by distorting what has happened or by using 'false flag' events that are staged or enacted and set up as if the target evil enemy did it.
The false flag method is so widely used now that 'history' is being manufactured and directed without even bothering to hide itself.

(The goalposts were moved as soon as the check on power seemed to have been put in place - and has engaged in such instruments in ways that set them against themselves and weaken them). No, it is not 'cricket' and never was.

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