Thursday, 21 August 2014

This is not power, but fear in disguise

(When one uses communication as a weapon, one gives up the power to actually enter into communication).

 Looking at history one is wise to reflect that until facts are established - if ever they are established as facts, the manipulation of minds - as the setting up of perceived realities and hence of 'justified' reactions, is as much part of the mentality and armoury of war as is any other device. False flag events can be faked, acted out by persons disguised as 'enemies' or set in motion by secretly supporting, infiltrating and directing groups that will provide the required outrage or threat.

The unequal distribution of power in the world at large allows a more and more directed 'history'. as well as being able to run all sides of a conflict and benefit from the breaking up and bringing low of others.

Although there may well be such alliances as conspire to remap the world in a 'new world order' of their own imprint, the essential patterning is of a negatively defined sense of self. 

For Millennia we have learned to operate in segregative and separative ways that disconnect us from our awareness of being Life - of being one with Life. This seemingly disconnected self is essentially operating as a pattern of deception at the template foundation of our consciousness or personality construct - but of course it runs as a promise of power, protection and self-specialness.

The world we see unfold in woe is inevitable within the perceptions and interpretations of a negatively defined self sense. Beneath any possible argument that can be offered in witness to awaken from such addictive a negative loop of  perpetrating victimhood, is simply that we choose the world we see by what we choose to give focus and therefore desire and value to.

When the media shout, one does not have to follow or accept or believe anything that is said, but can pause, reconnect with the peace of a positively defined or Life-integrated self-sense and discern the true nature of what is currently offered you in terms of what is resonant with and relevant to your true desire - to your joy in being.

Conflicted identity, conflicted minds, purposes and emotional states, all lend themselves to providing botnet support for every and any kind of 'power mongering'. The nature of the deceiver is that one cannot 'win' in struggle against it, one thus only feeds it validity. I stand with Jesus's teaching as is discernible in such respect. Few had ears to hear and few yet have. When power is held more dear than truth, the lie takes over your mind. Therefore fear and hatred is the darkness in which we are induced to invest in as if to protect and overcome… fear and hatred.

The only way that does not re-seed the same mentality of victimhood worshipped openly and power worshipped secretly, is to face and challenge our fears. To bring them into the light. Who hides from fear, hides IN fear. Such a one is not acting from love or any moral quality of the Life in All - but seeks a private agenda for itself alone - and must needs set others in conflict to maintain its own separated self sense; over and against all others.

It is not power that has run amok in the world, but fear in disguise.

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