Sunday, 17 August 2014

Fear operates a hidden agenda

The following article prompted a deeper response than that framed by its premises.

The context I write to is one where fear, confusion, distrust, and conflict generate a fear of 'evil' and unconsciously becoming defined and used by the very thing we hate and fear.

- - -

The hidden agendas running through so much that once was accepted currency of meaning, communication and exchange are as complex as the 'financial instruments' that attempt to coerce outcomes supposedly to 'maintain the economy' yet actually corrupt and work against true health, wealth and happiness.

One always uses 100% faith… it is just a matter of what it is invested in. The corruptions of our own thinking run deep, and no matter how much we may like to apportion blame and cry foul, we are collectively and individually in a net of our own deceits. This is not really news, human uses of consciousness have ever tended to ignorance and arrogance.

There are many facets to waking up. One is of the challenging and breaking of ideas and world-views that were presumed Reality, nut to serve Awakening in a true sense this is occurring within a willingness for integration instead of the wilfulness of a segregative, 'disconnecting' sense of self.

The story teaching and way showing symbol of Jesus operates as a reconnecting with the Reintegrating wholeness of being but its message is adulterated, diluted and effectively covered over by fear-based (segregative) interpretation. It does not matter what serves as the bridge or portal to such Awakened perspective and practice so much as that the communication of one's true presence underlines one's word and deed.

It takes one to know one. True presence is not coercive, therefore to regain a full awareness of own native or original nature and perspective, one will find oneself stepping outside the coercive mentality of justifying hate and pretending it to be power, appealing to fear as protector and guide as if it were a saviour, or employing guilt as a means to control and coerce our own mind or the minds of others.

Freedom cannot be thrust onto one long-chained in darkness, but it can be uncovered in true willingness, step by step by step.

Fear of death, disease, disaster, disgrace or pain and humiliation will have highly imaginative and active components.

I am talking about a self-honesty here at a level that goes far beyond ones presentations to the world or one's own self justifying mentality.

Fear of any kind distorts perception and thus sets up apparent oppositional wills and powers to Life - while it is being used to hide in, and being hidden from.

Moving through fear as it rises up and dissolves is a purificatory transformation.

Identifying with a fearfully defined segregated and separated self-sense does not recognise this Movement of Healing - but interprets it fearfully as loss and death and so defines itself against Life and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The blind will lead the blind always to maintain darkness. If you unsubscribe from such a 'guide to nowhere' you allow and invite the Guide for Life and Light to illuminate and prompt your noticing and choices in all things - including the good housekeeping and appropriate corrective actions in the case of healthy running and undoing or releasing negative choices and their effects.

In simple terms to pause amidst the baiting of reaction and check in at the heart will serve you and others well. The depth of this willingness and honesty will grow as it is lived. Living with a false integrity is living a lie; no matter how forcefully lies are asserted they cannot express and extend the truth of you - and nor will their reflections witness unto the truth of you.

Love is not what you do - it is what you are. But unless you live out what is revealed to you THROUGH you. YOU deny your life. Not 'them'. Not germs and toxins - excepting as we have all conspired to project our fear of evil OUT THERE.

The power that we 'give away' abides yet where it never left. We always operate 100% faith but where it is given can be cunningly hidden so as to hold onto a sense of specialness and self-power while playing the weak victim.

Learn to discern willingly ...if you will.
Fear contracts upon itself and rejects wholeness.
Compassion Embraces. The true recognises Itself. The false falls away of itself.

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