Saturday, 23 August 2014

Robots replace humans from within?

Robots must learn to value humans or 'they could kill us out of kindness'

Is it not at all obvious that humans are allowing themselves to be reduced to mechanism, into robots that operate along conditioned 'rational' rules imposed by 'programmers' or manipulators who use pseudo-science in corporate corruption within a financial system that is owned and controlled no less than 'science'.
Truly human values are not fearful programmed rules of conflict aversion disguised in wishful moral symbolic presentation. They are embodied presence as the qualities of our unalloyed Human Spirit.
Just to list them is not to communicate them.To rationalize or think about them is not to embody them. It takes one to know one. Mere thinking is not the same foundation as is the willingness to let Life communicate through our thought, word and deed - rather than persist in a robotic programmings of a fearful attempt to operate as if rationality were a god of separate-ness rather than Reason being the sanity of our wholeness.

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