Monday, 7 July 2014

Attacks on the persona

Let there be no special case of ad hominem that has to be legally held outside of all else as if one has to be afraid of an idea.
When ad hominem occurs identify it as such without feeding its contagion.

But the thing is - that one has to have the courage of one's convictions to call out bully, bluff and bluster. If one has to get a law to protect one's feelings, then one's weakness and vulnerability have been enshrined in law!

Let it be clear that those who resort to making attack on others so as to invalidate and dishonour their humanity are invalidating and dishonouring themselves. It is up to each of us to be responsible for what comes out of our mouth as it is for what we choose to accept into our mind.

Context is everything.  Proportionate and considered response is appropriate to best serve to correct or realign with integrity.

Persecution is an expected part of Christ -ian unfolding. To live the truth of one's convictions is bound to not fit the expectations and demands of others, if one persists in one's faith in Life (God/Consciousness, Brother and self) notwithstanding, then fearful limitations will be purified or moved beyond.

Rather than protect feelings, we need to initiate compassionate education. I do feel to honour THAT we feel - but not to indulge them as if they are facts. There is always a deeper level of self-definition that gives rise to feelings.

Blame culture is simply destructive to the Human Spirit. Who loves to hate, is afraid of love. Without love we do not extend a clear presence into relationships and society. In a hollow world, fear feeds on the conflicted.

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