Monday, 7 July 2014

What's in it for "me"?

"What's in it for me?" is the disruptor of honesty. Its coercive assertion re-frames all meaning within the terms of a private separate competitive interest - essentially at war with all other presumed to be 'private agendas'. Real communication is impossible in such a framework - but the form of communication is utilized as a mask both in dealings with others - and as a validating reflector of 'self-will'.

Those who seek to be honest WITHIN the phishing attack of a thought-based identity are those who are willing to break their mask in order to align with power as it seems to operate within the mask. Such are those whose behaviour reveals the corrupting influence of power - writ large. But they are manifesting the original thrust of such a script in raw terms - which as it is unmasked, becomes a reflection from which others (and themselves) may awaken.

There are two ways of looking at things and two ways of hearing. One is from the perspective of "me", apart from them, with an interest in the "me". The other is from the perspective of whole, a body of one which is a totality of Self. In this, there is no "me".

The script seems to thus have two faces. One serves guilt, fear and coercion. The other serves healing and reintegration.

It is all a matter of choice. The nature of a coercive deception is a trick in which a real choice is hidden by a counterfeit suggestion which frames issues in terms that suggest a special personal power or gain - or indeed in terms of threat and loss to such a special personal sense.

Coming back to choice. We invest our energy of attention and intent non-stop - but what are the choices we are habitually making as a sort of subconscious default? For these ARE determining the meanings and values by which we perceive.

Giving love (what else is your energy and attention but the love that you are?) to that which does not know you, see you or communicate with you, is to take on board a composite of self definitions that adulterate and undermine and deny your nature as love - replacing it with a masked mind of guilt and fear and a sense of aggrieved self-specialness - aka rage.

Material accounting is a dalek's eye view of even the manifest Universe. Discernment of 'spirits' is of PURPOSE. A true purpose is not manipulative or coercive on Life, others or self. But to the masked mentality EVERYTHING is perceived as coercive upon it - because it does not look within to see that it is merely getting back the echo of its own shouting into a cave. Instead it looks to the mask that justifies itself to itself - and if that fails, to the mask of such hatred upon self. life and other as to be intolerable. (Hence the call for the mask).

One way or another (as you will) the masks are being exposed - laid bare as devices and stratagems of defence and diversionary distraction.

How one looks upon anything is a choice - but self-judgement is a choice to deny choice because it is too fearful - hence a control mentality imposes or interjects itself into the flowing flowering being that you are - and makes shadows of the Light.

To suffer mental and emotional conflict without investment in the appearances is to let it rise up and fade. To rest the mentality of self-will in an honest willingness of communication allows Life's Presence to rise as your native awareness - free of coercion - and that is one of the signature vibrations of your truth. Within this LIVING context, self-will or the personal sense has become an instrument of a greater communication and participance - for it is not 'going it alone' on a covert operation as if to 'become' something special in its own right for others to worship, adulate or applaud.

Everyone operates the Script - but those who lack awareness of their innate and integral worth and power will seek it and thus prove they do not have it - no matter how powerful they seem to become in their zenith.

The ideas of a 'hidden hand' are symbols of the two ways of looking. I also call them the wheat and the tares.

When the harvest is called in, all that is without true foundation is in a sense 'nothing-ed'.

A book I have enjoyed summarized itself thus:

"Nothing real is threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the Peace of God".

Identifying with the imagined and the expected and the personified opinion, seeks and applies endless answers to endless convolving and mutating problems - but the actual problem is closer than the world and is a breakdown in communication that operates through a lens darkly.

While one is tuned to 'radio self-wilful struggle' one cannot receive 'Radio wholeness'. Therefore challenge everything that upsets or provokes conflict and discern directly as to whether it is a 'phishing attack' or truly is addressed to You.

Symbols are part of the way that Consciousness communicates within the dream of an unsinkable separateness. But as we all know, symbols can be associated with meanings as things in themselves. That their is a voice for deception in our mind need no longer be pretended away so as to operate unchecked beneath our mask of rationality.

Where we turn for our source will dictate where we invest - and the fruits thereof.

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