Sunday, 6 July 2014

Free of manipulative agenda

Any form of meaning, concept or symbol can indeed serve a manipulative agenda. Context is everything - and the context is Consciousness - but a manipulative intent seeks to frame reality in its own meanings - its own agenda.
I like to remember to note that there are no fake 11 dollar bills - because a fake - to operate its ruse - must substitute for something actual or real.
All the meanings that we construct our identity and world with, (experience), can be discerned as to their original rather than derivative nature. This will shift perspective.
What is freedom? and what is a relational communication without coercive interference (free market)?
If we merely go to the constructs of the past - to our database mentality - we do not have a real question - or have squelched a real curiosity within a pigeon-holed mechanism of reaction.
I am not seeking to replace one set of coercions for a 'better' version in which one is given a more validated identity. I am seeking to be an instrument of consciousness responsibility - in act and not merely in concept. The subtlety of the mind in deception is beyond fighting, untangling or outsmarting - but one can put down the weapon or shield that no longer serves true purpose.
Over what seems like millennia human collective 'thinking' has separated consciousness out and limited it. Yet this habit-pattern is re-enacted now. A moment's reflection can reveal the absurdity of separating consciousness from anything 'real or imagined'. It is a story. Don't let facts get in the way of a good story…
Though it can seem absurd to attempt to articulate to the issues of the world in ways that seek to reintegrate to a native unified - and un-coercive - consciousness, I feel the movement of it as part of my own acceptance OF such - embracing the 'ordinary' of the world as I meet and relate in my day - such as this moment with you.
When we are truly free in the movement of our being - of our interest, passion, excitement or joy - we know it. We truly know it as a wholeness in which the 'me' has not interjected itself but in a sense has become transparent as a musical instrument becomes conductive to what is coming through it.
Our concepts can only illuminate facets of what is undivided. When we 'get it', we are getting it as a wholeness-moment of intuitive connectedness. Then we can - if we choose - use concepts because we are in a communication within ourselves. Without this inner willingness or receptivity, anything can and will mean anything - or indeed nothing at all.
Attachment to concept-meanings is mistaking the reflected facet for the living Movement - and such false idol demands sacrifice of the Movement to defend its 'point of view' - which is necessarily manipulative energy (M.E). One may explore the experience arising within such a point of view, which is like a 'prodigal trip'. One may become addictively identified within it so as not to recognise the reversal or inversion of consciousness to its object. But one cannot become unfree to choose to give attention elsewhere and release the 'ME' and thus restore a full awareness of the Movement of Being - as it uniquely expresses itself in this and every moment.
Remembering not only that one has choice - but that one IS the choosing that is embodying this reflection of experience, is a Call to awaken. Because so much of our thought and intent is rendered 'unconscious' or rejected, feared, hidden and 'forgotten', we encounter our fears, guilts and self-judging unworthinesses or invalidities as soon as we turn about in willingness to know (rather than hide what we know). This works as 'demons guarding the treasure' or a boundary through which the ego-centric intent cannot pass. Though some believe thy can do so by consciously sacrificing all they hold dear in alignment to a purity of self-will. However I see this act of deliberate forgetting as the 'birthing' of a sense of self DIFFERENT in kind from Oneness rather than the realisation of embrace within the unique expressions of an Infinite reflection AS consciousness.
As always, I write as a framework in which one may resonate or find relevance for one's own movement of being and not to 'establish or determine' points of view to be 'more true' or even 'true'.
I hold that fear and coercive will has painted humanity into a corner from which no escape is possible - hence the Call to awaken from the mind thus painted. Anything one attempts to escape can only reinforce the trap. Believing and fatalistically or passively accepting or adapting to the trap as if to 'run the prison', also reinforces the trap.
Freedom to believe oneself trapped is also an expression of freedom - but it is not a pure reflection of the nature of freedom. False foundations can only reflect a distorted image. When confusion seems to enter or violate one's being, look to a true foundation. Living by the sword of division knows not what it does. Put down the weapon-mind and reconnect with (receive or yield to) a Current Appreciation. What other context can embrace all that is present and know how to be or flow or navigate and communicate within it - as an expression of the integrity of your true desire.

(I wrote this into this Daily Bell page comments).

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