Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Creativity from embracing differences

The principle "love thine enemy" is the willingness to open or abide in a relationship with that which your mind is conditioned to reject. Living amidst this apparently conflicted mind but NOT choosing to react to the temptations of fight or flight allows the reintegration of the 'More' of what your consciousness is - not so much expanding the polarised and segregated identity but widening and deepening the perspective that embrace it AND the previously rejected or judged against.

The expressions of a reintegrated being are creative whether they make pop songs or simply relate in calmer, clearer ways.

Inspiration is freely available - but the mind gets in the way when trying to 'go it alone' . Yet often people have to effort hard as a symbol of willingness in order to then let go and let in. A willingness to abide through the personally difficult with an active receptivity.

Everyone has particular themes that attract and energise them and by committing to their passion or excitement they attract alignments within themselves as well as around themselves.

When a fresh expression is brought into manifestation it speaks a 'language' relative to the need or yearning that is as it were the forerunner and preparation for reception. But the Life is communicates is presence beyond definition.

As the form is focussed on the original is covered over and its patterning is absorbed into the 'established order' and milked dry with followers and clones. But where creative freedom communicates.

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