Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mistaken identity and cold hard struggle

Said Dave to one of my posts:
one can look at it through rose colored glasses but it doesn't change the cold hard truth, which is found by stripping the self down to the naked core facts grounded in reality and supported even mathematically. Only then can the conscious decide how one 'feels' about it and decide how one will operate as a best course. By doing this work, one then discovers the how and why of integration with others for mutual benefit as viable. The "me" can not be crushed or separated from "self", or fly only on "feelings" and exist for very long.

My Reply:
One can look through a glass darkly and see only cold hard truth. I invite you to consider that when you have looked upon the feared or the terror or the guilt and refused it, it no longer has power to direct your mind and so you can now follow the movement of your true desire. Nothing else is truly conscious.
Nothing else but is an imposter taken as one's 'self'.
Mindcontrol practitioners know well that applying trauma splits the self and enables access to substitute coercive commands into the mind - and so do the 'war on terror' brigade.

I don't demean whatever awareness you have gained or your perspective therefrom. Everyone entering the human conditioning unfolds their experience through their own choices. While the world is seen as cause - one's own self-definition in relation to that world is hidden. Now I am not saying that negative experience cannot or does not occur - but I am saying that can have a positive outcome if you decide it will.
The 'self' is fundamental to all else. A phishing scam at this level renders all above it captive to a false basis. The 'i thought', or 'me', is not Self.

I am completely at one with that mathematical structure is innate to the structure of our manifest experience of reality.

The higher mind is not emotions. Discernment and insight and inspiration are not 'feelings'.

Feelings are that which arise as a result of a self definition. Discernment most clearly shines through the neglecting to define oneself.
That you are is Fact. What you define yourself to be is fiction - or rather the imaginative exploration of experience in reflection.
There is no separate 'self' anywhere to be found. It is a kind of currency of shorthand that has drifted and divorced from what it originally signified.

Operating in the 'zone' is an expression sometimes used for the spontaneity that simply knows how to be in any given situation. There is no way to bring the "me" into this quality of Life - and yet in such transparency, one is not absent - so much as a pure awareness that is one with and not apart from.

The "me" wants to regain this true power, but is the only thing getting in the way. But it sees everyone and everything else as getting in the way.
That which Is Awake is not the personality. One does not have to be awake to be willing to open to the prompts and guidances of that which is. But one does have to wake enough to recognize one is in a sense dreaming. This is often when one's personality construct has been in some sense broken or deconstructed by whatever life-experience brought the gift. It may not have seemed a gift. It may seem cold and hard indeed. But have you unwrapped it yet?

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