Friday, 11 July 2014

A negatively defined self-sense, 'conspiracy'

Mike Adams has started dissing the 'Free Energy' Movement on

One doesn't need science to be able to 'smell a rat' - that is, to discern a coercive intent within the form of a communication.

There is a vested interest in the 'status quo' by those who prefer the devil they know. It is a kind of habitual momentum. We should all be able to pause a moment and see that we also have this tendency in our own mind.

The way a negatively oriented consciousness works is to direct focus on what is wrong with others, or with the world or with anything, in order for one's core presentation and propagation to be cast in a positive or acceptable light. One may cloak such coercive intent in positive terms but the payload is not really hidden to anyone who actually discerns.

The 'conspiracy' of such elites as are becoming ever more apparent in the exposure of trusted guardian institutions as working against sanity and health is one of a negatively defined self. A sense of self that segregates from the whole and then operates within a sense of being 'over and against'.

Beneath all evils of illegitimate denial and suppression of Life, is a negatively defined self . Nothing else CAN come from such a foundation but negative effects - no matter how positive their promise or how protective they seem to a worse scenario.

Science is a tool that can be used to illuminate. One can become so focussed in using a device that it becomes one's personal identity. But true Identity is not limited or defined by the tools it makes and uses.

The suppression of consciousness also known as the Human Condition - is a conditionING, that we ALL participate in via a negatively directed focus of thought.

Much of what is active in our true consciousness is hidden BENEATH the focus of our attention - and this is because at some level we have WANTED IT SO.

The 'expansion' of our conscious appreciation of Reality is reflected in our science and technology but not caused there. The cause for the restoring of a wholeness of conscious integrity is the releasing of the negatively defined self-sense.

Even this is not the root cause - for in focussing upon the true desire of wholeness of being, the darkness of a fragmented self and world is undone, step by step by step.

When we meet the momentum of an old habit - we might recognize that fighting it; feeds it. We are experts at attracting and magnifying WHAT WE DONT WANT in our lives and so I suggest that it is because actually we DO want it - for our own reasons.

When we see what we believe we GET out of such a choice and what core beliefs drive such actions, we can see if we still want them - if they have ANY belonging in our heart.

What we choose to focus on will be what we receive and act out from and share. Choosing to be powerless seems to protect against the unlimited power of Consciousness Itself - so as to keep a little bit exclusively for a private self agenda.

Choosing to seek power over others seems to cover over the powerlessness that accompanies such a sense of private personal agenda.

The physics of action and reaction is a very very limited playpen - for its perspective represents a density of polarised and segregated consciousness. A Shift of Consciousness does not violate the playpen - but locates it within a Wholeness Perspective. If one is ready and willing to put childish things behind, then one does so by demonstrating an adult consciousness - which in this context I might call 'Consciousness Responsibility'. It doesn't matter what anyone calls it - what matters is the shifting to a positively integrated consciousness that coincides with the LIVING it. 

But LIFE - your Being - the True God of your freedom to choose - is not coercive upon you - and that is one of the trustworthy signatures of true wholeness of being.

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