Thursday, 10 July 2014

Better the devil you know is killing you?

Real global warming could be unleashed by a hidden technology most people don't even know exists

The article linked above from Natural News - a day after being rammed by a truck - elicited a surge of critical comment.

My comment: (see also below as part of other responses)

The Universe: Life Itself: is Free Energy - but the way we define ourself in relation to Life: to Existence determines how we experience and access that energy.
The Wake Up is first to truly OWN a self-defginition that DOES NOT SERVE our living desire and second to release it so as to invite and allow a more unified self-definition to replace it. This is called personal transformation - but is not becoming a better adaptation to an insane basis of identification. To become aligned with unified purpose is to put aside the fearful script of a self and live within and as your willingness for love.
This has never been a popular choice - excepting perhaps for those who are releasing their 'egoic attachments' at time of transition.
There is a midwifery as well as a process of birthing going on - but there simply is no belonging in this process for what DOESNT belong.
To be an instrument of peace must be to yield self-will to the Will that is already Moving - but reveals itself to us when we are at peace - if only in a moment of true willingness amidst the confusions of our day.
Ram Reddy: (commenting to someone espousing the merits of the Free Enery Movement):
"All your thinking are possible when man becomes human". 

My comment to Ram Reddy:
When a masked mentality gives way to a true presence…
You don't have to become what you are Created to Be - but only to release that which you are NOT (but which masquerades as if it speaks for You).
Be wary of 'waiting for everyone else to change first'. Everyone else will gladly play out the roles you assign them within your virtual reality - for we do project our own mind onto others and make up what they are thinking…. but it is really what we are thinking.

Focussing on what is 'wrong' with everyone is a way to not own our own dissonance - perhaps because we fear it condemns us…

Another commenter (333/half-evil) says of the main article:
"Mike Adams reasoning makes sense - humans were never ready to play God".
My reply to 333/half-evil:
Excepting they usurp or play god by asserting and demanding limits that deny their true nature and abundant freedom so as to require 'controllers' to run the jail.
Wherever fear thinks - scarcity and a false sense of power to limit Life will result if one accepts it as one's own.
The ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it is a natural abundant freedom.
We are actually living and working with and within Consciousness - but use fear-thinking to maintain a separated sense of consciousness that sees 'the world' as if it were NOT Consciousness.
To 'escape' a prison of self limiting deception, one has to wake up to the fear-thinking that is populating your experience - which in a sense is to go INTO the experience of limitation, but with an open curiosity to enquire anew of what is going on right here - where you Are.
Once we are aware of what we do, we have awakened enough to choose differently or at least grow in the willingness to release the choices that bring us pain and conflict.
The growing of willingness in our mind is the opening through which Spirit Lives Through Us. Putting our focus in the thoughts of the world will distract us from our willingness. Be willing in living the life that love Lives Through you whenever you align with your joy in integrity.
New technology is withheld the self-harming in love, but the baby will insist it is being deprived. But it cannot NOT come back into the mind that itself releases false limits.
Limits are very useful and can serve a positive or a negative agenda. But limitations that serve only to maintain a negatively defined self are a choice to deny our own joy in Life.
Awakened responsibility comes from the NEED to operate AS it. An honest owning or accounting of one's experience, relations and life uncover much that is hidden or denied awareness. The self negative agenda is firstly within and THEN manifests as a collective experience.
When we cannot see the way we can simply be honest, be still and listen in trust of finding steps in the direction our heart knows is our true desire.
Fear (and hate) is not the guide of our Homing Beacon. It is the way to keep yourself in the dark - though Light is Literally All Around You.

Note: God is not coercive upon Creation, but in trying to LORD it over Life we have substituted a false foundation that we are understandably afraid of. Only letting truth in and through us heals the mad-mindedness and only shifting allegiance or faith from fear to love-willingness will let it in. The more we identify in resistance the more fearful and painful it gets and the more limited our sense of self - and the more desperate we become… until we stop! Let the thinking go and listen in the heart's honesty. Be still and know (God) is like saying be still and be restored to a true connection. It is our thinking that operates as 'the deceiver' and on an individual level it is our thought that tunes us to the frequency of our perspective and perception. At a more unified level there is no protective limit because there is no longer the attempt to hurt one's Self.
When we act out of integrity rather than out from an integrity, we hurt our Self. Jesus described something of our Self in the two Commandments. God, Neighbour and self are all One. To him this was an observation not a theory. If we 'split from God' we have a split self and a split world. But who says that we split from God? The same voice that presumes a vengeful jealous god to punish a terrible guilt!
While we try to atone for or magically escape presumed guilt 'all by ourselves' we perpetuate a splitting off from our true Source. If one were actually split off from Existence - no existence would be. So any experience is possible only within and because of True Existence or Consciousness. No matter how tiny the link may seem back to Source, it has all the power of God in it and to focus there is all that is required. Our willingness for love's awareness.
A whole world arises out of the attempt to make our self-judgements stick - while we identify them as our self or salvation. But none of it is real - so much as a fragmented lens or mind through which Reality isn't recognised.

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