Thursday, 10 July 2014

Don't be fooled by the hidden conflict in your own mind

Don't Be Fooled by Transcontinental Rivalries

Assertive or coercive power centralises itself and operates through appearances of division. Regions can operate under any system that suits as long as their money supply is controlled - and capacity to threaten that political act, neutered.
When there is no more 'game' to win, it will not be success but failure. Assertive power HAS to have enemy to seem to exist over and against.
Willingness is a different foundational living entirely. The willing inherit and share a Living Earth. The wilful only see their own shadows. Even their victories and plunder are full of shadows. These are not differences in reality but different ways of defining reality. Where we focus our attention feeds and propagates what we focus upon. The idea of conflict is a distraction device that can be released or energised. It's up to you. Once involved, invested and identified, I cant reach you to let you know your choice even exists - for you will only see within the frame of reference your own investments set up.
Intelligentsia know this and try to use it within the framework of 'ordering the world'. 
True power has the lightest touch as to be without any sense of self-agenda.
Only the Unified Will is uncoercive and this is NOT a sum of separate parts assembled from a separate perspective - no matter how true some facets of such thinking might seem. It is just another mind-trap.
To the mental, the heart is just another weak dream of wishful ungrounded emotionality. And thus are they defended from and thus denied power to transform and heal their perceptions and then no longer NEED to 'order the world - or those in it to satisfy their 'self'.

I might add that every negative act or event can be used to generate a positive outcome. If that IS what you want. If acts and events are generating negative effects then it is feeding back what you WANT. At some level - beneath the 'appearances' of your thought, this must be true or you would no HAVE the experience you are having.
In this wise SEE that the world's capacity to illustrate appearances as deceptive mirrors that of what we take as our one consciousness or self-definitions.

It is progress to see through deceptions of the world, but to stop there is to remain defined by the world.

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