Thursday, 31 January 2013

Advertising, propaganda and addictive consumption

What has advertising become? What does it give and what does it cost?

Is it not a propaganda war of coercive corporate intent in fighting for 'mindshare', and branding  and yet united in broadcasting a culture of consumption to a population that is incessantly implanted with false associations, in order to condition and trigger reactions deemed favourable to private interests?

This tool for Corporate intent upon a passive population is yet a kind of protection racket upon smaller independent business, who must pay dearly for minimal visibility. It also corrupts our media such that it becomes an extension of such intent rather than a true service of information.

'The century of the self' by Adam Curtis (freely available on youtube)  gives an overview of the growth of an insidious intent in our cultural development.

The nature and role of advertising, like so much else that undermines a the true wealth and health must be seen for what it is - and in the context of what life truly is and how it works.

The mindset of prevailing upon each other, in identification with an exploitive GETTING mode - no matter how 'balanced' the 'free market' is supposed to be, (look at the balance of competing interests!!!), can never serve anything but to hollow us out and strip our assets for a short term cash that evaporates.

There is a lawful mode of communication that honours the worth of the other and thereby keeps it for oneself and shares value. As long as we consent and subscribe to be treated as targets for a blatant manipulative disregard - so will such behaviour - and the mindset beneath it, violate and undermine the peace. For it does.

A true balance of interest is of a shared purpose in common. Divide and rule has ever been the mindset of deception, using false promise and instilling or promoting fear as a means to gain entry and become your 'guide and protector'.

Those who effectively own the financial system are advertising their guidance and protection to governments and nations, leading them into slavery and impotence of debt and ever deeper entanglement in a web that cannot be escaped while deception passes as true.

The call is for the honesty of heart that first acknowledges the disease of addiction and seeks above all else to uncover the discernment of true relation.This is not the result of ingenious thinking or problem solving, but of insight, wisdom and true dedication and commitment to a greater purpose than private self interest. As long as we look to others for this - we are deceived.
We must look to others as an opportunity for extending worth, growing trust and in a shared appreciation.

No juggling or conjuring of billions or trillions of money can buy a true foundation, but only serves to delay acknowledging the false.
The voice for fear is very loud now - but only proportionate to the desire and attention with which we feed it.

Thank You, for your attention

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