Sunday, 27 January 2013

Holocaust Memorial Day

When I was a boy and first heard about the Holocaust, as an extremely shocking example of a capacity to treat fellow human beings without a shred of humanity, and of suffering such an industrial scale and mentality - I couldn't begin to understand it - and on some level of my being an answer came of a silent recognition… It all grows out from the capacity to blank another human being.

That was the boy. The realisation is the same but I can articulate more now.

The capacity to BLANK another human being is the fruit of a mutual agreement to deny true presence. This becomes the cultural environment in which a mentality justifies itself at the expense and sacrifice of the reality of the other.

No matter what arises from this in terms of form and magnitude, it will express its seed idea. The mind in its role as justifier MOSTLY keeps the true cost hidden. But it cannot Be hidden excepting that the mind hides in its own 'realities' and becomes victim to its own thinking as if it was Reality itself.

To be possessed of loveless thinking is to be manipulated by a tyrannous will - believing one is free and justified in exercising power upon Life Itself. This is the sacrifice of Innocence to a god of self-image and its justification is in the projection of hatred onto OTHERS.

The reaction to this mentality replicates it - to hate and invalidate and BLANK the perpetrators who are but the puppets of their thinking - even those who think they control their thoughts or the thought of others.

The action of denying our mind is BLANKING. This is a way in which we sacrifice our true presence in order to posture a false one. As long as false presentations can be backed up, authorised or justified by the belief in the power of guilt, so will the BLANKING mind be hidden or protected.

The crucifixion of Innocence is the picture of the exercise of a personal power upon Life.

It seems inevitable or inherent to our nature and our perception of the Universe as a machine of death - in which man thinks to make his mark or prevail in fantasy.

But the simple Fact is, that love's presence is here to be accepted - or it could not be denied!

To use suffering as sacred has two aspects. We are cut through to the very Soul of Feeling. And the association of such with the event makes it Holy. But what is truly holy is not the wounds, but the Life.

The shadow of wound is not intended to be eternal. But is a cutting that offers a deeper or more integrated healing.

The mind that uses wounds as weapons is a mind seeking power for itself.

Only the powerless seek power - who have denied their presence in another and now seek to 'regain' what they feel they lack or have had taken.

I still cant understand suffering. Whether of millions or of one. When I 'let the dead bury the dead' it is not a disregard to the Life in anyone or anything - but of setting no mental image of self or life or God, in place of love's presence now. For such is the capacity to BLANK G-d.

To attempt ideas for conveying what is felt in the heart's intuition is fraught with the likelihood of confusion, because the mind that thinks it thinks alone IS confusion.

BLANKING is so 'normal' to a culture that worships power over Life that we don't realize we do it. And the defences against uncovering such a fact are the forces that murder on a global industrial scale as well as BLANK anything that registers as threat to the thought system that we associate with our power to live. But it is a false association and the foundations of our thinking not only can - but must - be questioned, if we are to become free of a tyrannous will, and restored to love's presence as true power shared.

Thank you for your attention

This was written as comment to
Sixty-eight years after Auschwitz: Why we still remember

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