Thursday, 31 January 2013

Look to the Foundations!

I cant help feeling that those who are most privy and powerful with regard to the true nature of the system, set in motion an exploitative shift towards false promise and deceptive protection rackets such as to milk the many - then bleed the many - to maintain their appetites.
Then when the complexity and vacuousness of the whole structure begins to topple, surf or manipulate the crash in such a way as to feed on the carcass.
I have the mental image of the herding of herring by predators such as killer whales. I'm sure you've seen this on tv.
No one will blow the whistle who is themselves part of the same mindset. Honesty costs too much - and real solutions cannot be imagined or countenanced from the perspective of power over and 'getting from'.
And if anyone does, will it not fall on stony ground or be choked by weeds? Unless of course the desire for honesty is realised to be the foundation of true and just relationship, and communication in which trust and worth are to be extended, as discernment guides and uncovers.
But if our personal mind is the same a pattern of  manipulative control, we do not have it to share.
When things fall apart. Look to the foundation. When true foundations are substituted for with mutually agreed derivatives, there IS no foundation.
A house built on sand.
Withdraw investment of attention, energy and faith in that which undermines well being and give it into what you appreciate. For what you appreciate, appreciates. A true appreciation is tangibly felt - and shared. It isn't a private mind but a cultural event. 
There IS reality beneath the distortions and the spin and we have forgotten what it is and what is its true expression and fulfilment. Because we wanted something else. False promises don't only lead astray, they lay waste.
Trust is NOT a confidence trick. It is the most fundamental expression of being - because our being is not the commodity as is packaged and sold  to a disconnected thinking.
Give what is due to the demands under which we are working within - but no more. And give the recognition and loyalty of your heart to the source and nature of a tangible and shared appreciation of the presence of Life in expression.
We cant untangle this mess - but we can be open to a different perspective from which and entirely different appreciation brings renewal and support for a more integrated way of life.

Commented to Enjoy the stock market rally while it lasts (Not to the particulars of the article but the general conditions of which what the article speaks of as symptoms)

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