Sunday, 27 January 2013

Making sense of of pre-sense prior to pre-tense

We are one sense; feeling.
Awareness feels tones, qualities and textures of thought.
Awareness is not directly aware of anything but its own objects and is in no way separate from its objects.
Self awareness is a movement of recognition by which awareness knows itself aware amidst the knowing of its object. When such knowing identifies with an image or thoughtform of itself, it creates an interference pattern in the reflection of Mind, which is never static though what Mind is never changes.
This sense of a self identification has no sense of itself differentiated excepting that while identification occurs the totality 'collapses' as an ideational event of specificity and yet dissolves to totality. This collapse is experience of limitation and yet not exclusively identified. and so is concurrent with infinite or unbounded communication (Totality).
The apparent separation of consciousness as exclusively identified with limited experience is a matter of focussing of desire as attention, and interpretation of resulting experience via attraction and repulsion.
The duality of such interpretive comparisons of values reflect the active identification, and comparison of states - memory - provides the building blocks for the evolution of interpretive identifications to interact as story or process of becoming. The assumption of personal responsibility or guilt, for the sense of disconnect that this process engenders brings with it density, and opacity of experience in which a 'body' of light is covered by a symbol of separated and separating consciousness. This proxy or virtual self attempts to deny the Mind in order to maintain its mind. Yet all of the power of creating its experience is directly coming from Mind - because the separation is not actual - it is not possible to be separate from Mind and exist - even in virtual identifications of an interpreted reality.
The fulfilment of function is in reopening mind to Mind as an integral wholeness of being. To be 'in the world but not of it. Mind is invisible only because it is all pervading. Its in our face - it is our face. It is invisible to the egocentric identification. But it remains true, that awareness feels or knows its object and recognizes itself in the extension of itself.
In a conventional sense we can realize in all honesty that we do not know what we are or what anything is for. This allows native being to reintegrate and transform the interpretive sense to become porous or transparent instead of self conflicting and opaque. This may be experienced as insight, inspiration, integrative answers or prompts of guidance and direction.
It comes  from beyond the capacity of control and it comes to an at least temporary suspension of control and is recognized by the desire that called it forth. Which is already moving before you knew you wanted it.

This is sketching - for feeling into. It is not an intent to define or defend as a 'body of knowledge' or point of view. It starts with the presumption of awareness. Not self, not world - but awareness or Mind.

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