Sunday, 27 January 2013

Scientism misses the point with its body of knowledge

I read the Guardian article "20 amazing facts about the human body"
And wrote:

Ha! We don't experience molecules! Our experience is a mental construct - including the virtual identity that is called consciousness (but is not so conscious as we presume). The article hints at this by acknowledging that we are not as in control as we believe. I sense this fact is vastly understated.

Science reveals man to be a mechanism - albeit an organic one in which a mind, or awareness of existence somehow occurs as an effect of chemical and electrical impulses! But this perception is simply the result of LOOKING with a mechanism - or through a distorting and filtering lens darkly.

There are facts about the body that are directly observable to awareness but completely beyond the capacity of thinking. As said above the mind sees thinking and thinks it is seeing, but true seeing is more akin to letting vision be than the complex process we have learned and called seeing.

Experience is not just a personal construct, but a cultural or relational construct, and the image and experience of body - and indeed of self and world - is not as fixed as we have come to believe. But our beliefs often are.

The nature of awareness could be called light. The objects by which awareness knows itself being, are qualities of being.
That which identifies the individuality of you is the tangible and visible signature of qualities that simply are.

The mind that we think we think with is tiny but has grandiose pretensions.
The Mind in which all of this is actually in, and of, is the realm of true grandeur.
Such intuitive sense may stir from looking at the stars. It isn't that Mind made or created it as stuff - but that Mind is the Totality of  Unified relation and communication, of which our tiny mind is almost completely hidden from, within its walled off body, and in its thinking perpetually distracted.

The article is good for saying, "nothing is what you think!" But to replace what we think with disconnected mappings is still what we think about rather than intimately know. Intimacy is undefended and not inhibited or withheld or 'separated'.

Science does not reveal Life - nor guidance in life - and is unconscious of its own mind of participation - even though it focusses on the very lowest common denominators of materiality in order to find a consensual reality.
That said, the scientific willingness to challenge and enquire and uncover is excellent - but each of us is moved to uncover the context such that our mind opens to receive the More of all that Life Is - rather than focus on the content or forms of experience as if to define them all ever more minutely and here's a give-away, gain CONTROL over one's experience.

The so called Unconscious is equally lumped with Superconscious for both are considered 'threat' by the defence mechanism of a separative consciousness.

It will become apparent that the complexities uncovered in expanding the edges of scientific discovery will reveal further complexities. Life itself cannot be reverse engineered - even if some of its processes can be taken from the whole and then replicated or manipulated.

And that is the offspring that reveals its father; 'replicated from the whole and then manipulated'. But our true Father is not a 'getting' via a process of divide and rule - but accepting in true receipt and sharing or extending as we have received.
This is gratitude and joy - Life.
Religions may have become devalued with superstition and rigidities of belief, but at least pertained to offer some service in waking up to Life!
Dissociating from presumptions and beliefs in order to enquire more radically or directly into the true nature of life is healthy - excepting we then dissociated from the Living Universe in order to study its body dissected. Dissociating from real relationship is a defence mechanism - not a basis for revealing truth.

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