Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cuts, what cuts?

We are seemingly trapped in an insane loop.
I call it insane because it is founded in a wishful thinking, that became a default manipulation, that became a substitute for genuine growth.

The narratives of human thinking - be they governments, corporations or individuals, are wishful thinking - that is 'stories' we tell ourselves for our own reasons.

Trying to 'fit' reality to our story can never work - but for a while it can seem to work - with a bit of force and a sleight of mind. What a HIT one gets from a sense of being in control, from being righteous and from being superior to an adversary or indeed adversity!

I feel that this way of thinking is a hidden selfishness in disguise - and in a tacit presumption that everyone else is the same as 'me'.

This is a state of war - not only between entities - but within the mind of ourself.

The overheads and costs of engaging war are like having the brake and accelerator on at once - energy is effectively wasted, life is effectively denied - and channelled into fearful attempts to bolster control - which creates the conditions of instability and further escalates conflict.

Because our cleverest minds have worked on patching and remodelling this system to sort of cope to the nth degree, we have a critical collapse at hand - that is of a global nature.

Surrender when defeated is honesty, and honesty is the basis of trust, communication and the sharing in value.
To say one cannot afford honesty is to be deceived into protecting a lie at expense of truth.

A fundamental re evaluation and account is called for - in fact it is unavoidable. But the mainstream financiers and politicians do not have a perspective or a vocabulary to communicate from or with.

The switch is not from spending to austerity. The switch is from that which undermines a wholeness of being to that which promotes it.

Wholeness of being cannot be manipulated, but can be revealed and extended in practice. Without the EXPERIENCE of what this phrase means - one is left with words amidst a mind accustomed to manipulation. But everyone knows this experience in some aspect or moment of their lives - for it is signified by an absence of coercion, and a natural generosity of willingness and trust in a grounded discernment. IE: It is practical because it is the Way Things Work (when not distorted by machinations of fear and deception).

We teach ourselves a lesson by which we may be humbled of outrageous - and absurd - arrogances. But the light of a true humility is clear and uncovers a practical pathway where hubris finds none.

Thanks for your attention.

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