Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cancer awareness campaign 'had little impact'

There are many factors beneath the seemingly simple effort to get more people to check themselves against a risk of illness.

Information overload, lack of faith in government, lack of faith in modern approaches in medicine, busy lives in which little time is available to get off the treadmill of events and pause to consider anything, a natural defence against being persuaded, manipulated, sold or convinced of anything (relates to information overload).
A disposition not to worry and so a reluctance to start suspecting everyone and everything of being a threat unless more of a prompt is felt to do so, fatigue relating to the risk averse (fearful) attempt to control (manage) life from a scientific (alienated) perspective.

And of course there are some who - for their own reasons or for no 'good' reason - attempt to hide or deny their fears and need more than a government campaign to begin to acknowledge and pass through such fears. (I don't see human beings who are not in one way or another suffering limitation as a result of denial of guilts and fears - but it takes different forms for different people).

But is it the government's responsibility to present itself as an authority on health and spend large sums on futile attempts to manage those who need to awaken and grow responsibility for their health on a greater basis than a dependency on system that tends to substitute for it.

Where there is need, there is a call for attention and to discern the true nature of the need so as to meet it.
But the mindset of what could in modern terms be called the 'war on sickness' is not itself rooted in Life so much as in an ideology that ultimately cannot work.

I am in no way intimating that love cannot or does not operate through the relationships available in serving to heal and encourage us amidst difficulty.

But the basis of our thinking is not only questionable - but must be re evaluated, because there simply isn't the financial capacity to provide the kind of health service that has evolved as our current expectations of entitlement.

There are many aspects of our 'lifestyle' or culture, that are unhealthy - starting with the way we think - how we relate to ourselves, each other and  life itself, to all the inevitable expressions that spring forth from that.

The wish to live on the surface and not have to grow through our fears and move beyond our grievances looks for technology (external means) to protect and support it's self-assertion.
Life is forever breaking down our defences; not because it is hostile or malignant - but because the attempt to defend our 'self' against Life, is in error.

We tacitly collude in mutual agreements by which to justify ourselves to ourselves and each other - but if in fact we are presenting a mask, then the energetics of what is really going on are not being honoured or given true expression.

The attempt to mask over our true being has led to identifying almost completely with the mask - and not be in intimate relationship with our very Life. It is a wonder that our minds and bodies function as well as they do under the circumstances to which we put them.

There are all these rules as to what is and isn't the way it works - and then there is Life that gives rise to wonder - and in all sorts of ways, fulfilment beyond a rulebound and fearbound existence. I suggest to you that this is relevant to health!

Thank you for your attention.

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