Friday, 29 June 2012

(The system is rigged) Ex Barclays executive warns Libor system still not fixed four years after warning

The underlying pattern I see is that of a lobby of separative self serving interest, (that believes its own voice), convinces you, the government of service and representation for the whole, that its voice is your own and you must do what it says or else terrible consequences will result. One step buys into a lie, in which you are 'owned' by a thinking and a will that has made of you a puppet of a self serving interest. But only while you accept and validate the voice as your own guidance and protection.

I am attempting to point to the roots here, not just of this single issue, but of something endemic to our habit of consciousness.

We humanly tend to mythologise everything. Mr Diamond - or even the banks or 'rogue' financial sector are not themselves the cause - but are effects of a deeper cause.

If we pull off the tops of the weeds, we may feel a momentary satisfaction, but unless we go to the roots, the weeds will be back soon enough.

Our public thinking and our political acts are expressing a superficial and self seeking mask.

The desire to scapegoat is not the correction (of awakened Reason), but the indulgence and manipulation of emotional mythological derivatives - that if truly accounted, would reveal a lack of true presence. (The same voice of separate self serving, lobbying our mind for the maintaining of the mask by which we think to protect our separate interest).

Unless one awakens to the nature - and from the thrall - of such thinking, then the scam is not truly exposed, but has merely sacrificed a part of itself for the hidden seeding in the new growth.

That which hollows out and lays to waste, and turns all things to misery and war, is in our thought.

When thought substitutes for trueliving, an error occurs by which a false identification seeks to get itself free. It calls forth a voice of a separative self interest. If you can feel that, then you can also leave it unused and listen with a fresh curiosity for that of your very being that knows you and therefore knows the guidance of restoring a true harmony of being to a self that seems to be at war within itself and without!

Home truths are not manipulations, but tend to be humbling for the self we imagined to be. This is good news - though it comes as heartbreak. A true foundation is Priceless.

Thank you for your attention.

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