Saturday, 30 June 2012

We think, therefore we are

The mind has ever tried to map an experience of its own existence - and so becomes distracted from this living mystery of which the true nature of mind is concurrent; That it simply Is. Thus engaged in identifications with its thought and belief as its own self illusion, it thinks it exists, by its thought - and that all is as it thinks it is.
This is an incredible accomplishment - not unlike a virtual reality in which to explore the experience of one's own thought. The capacity to be bored amidst Infinite Being, is no mean feat - whatever anyone thinks about it! It is not, however, joyful.
Never underestimate the power of the mind!

The human bubble is one of a sense of separation and control. We call it our life, we locate it as our thoughts within a body, we identify with conflicted and conflicting interests (of our thoughts) as if they were outside us - (as our world). Yet every experience is only experienced within a current awareness. A quality of awareness that is never actually the result of - or actually affected by - our thought. Though our thought filters and distorts our awareness of being such as to create an overlay of experience we identify as our life.

In our own 'meanings' we lose awareness of Meaning. If that is noticed, then we naturally release identification with our own thinking and welcome the restoration of Meaning as our direct and shared experience.

For the nature of our own thinking is private or withheld from the nature love's sharing as like our first-born son is withheld from the true Source or Nature of being. We fear to 'die' in loss of self-will. The thoughts of loving are wholly shared and express unified will. This uses what we made in a dream of separation as tools of awakening

Philosophy may serve such a movement as the heart (honesty) guided enquiry that dissolves the presumptions on which our identity and thinking rest (and all actions proceed inevitably from such belief). But not merely to existential vacuum in which disillusion masquerades as if it were real.
The movement of being is Itself - and knows Itself as all in all. One can say it knows how to be in all its relation. This is not available to the mind of division and selection, but is available to a willingness to question and release a self-assertive mind.

I wrote this on spec as a willingness to share ideas that may … give rise to an intuitive opening of the heart's knowing. But all forms may also be used to fuel a conflicted struggling self. The purpose that governs all life is not ours to create, but is ours to accept. In non acceptance is struggle and mask - and many feel this as their identity and their safety.
Know Thyself! - is not a directive to separate out from life and map it all by yourself - but the innate movement of being to know and share all that it is - as it is.

Thank you for your attention

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