Thursday, 28 June 2012

'Panic has become all too rational'

I recall at school 'resolving' apparently complex equations into simpler and clearer terms, so I also wonder that if a large part of this debt is effectively non existent in real terms.

The revelations occurring are such as to expose self delusion - and our most fundamental understanding of the self(be it a personal or corporate entity) is not actually of truly an independent power - but is ALWAY an expression of a mutuality or interdependence.

Democracy has lost out to surface desires and manipulation of hidden fears - (hidden by distraction with surface desires) - but what I feel to be of true value in its spirit, is a willingness and a capacity for communication to occur.

Communication has lost out to a war of deceit, persuasion and manipulation. To actually communicate requires a basis for trust. Without trust, defence is governing all transactions and that effectively asserts power over rather than shares power with - albeit in ways that seem perfectly justifiable to the mind its its withholding of communication.

The 'system' could be a system that aligns and reflects with the way things work.
Or it can be a system that grows out of mutual self delusion in order to protect the right to self delusion unto its limits - of collapse, war, death.

The nature of self delusion is often associated with evil and not surprisingly in terms of the inherent disregard for truth that is necessarily part of the deal. But guilt and fear block or distort our capacity to discern and blame is a self-delusory ritual that does not awaken true responsibility.

The opportunity to look upon the false - without recoil into opinionated judgement - is the opportunity to rewaken from a different basis. A basis that is not the result of self illusion, coercive intent or a mask of fairness over a fear of coercive intent.

Individuals suffer a 'breakdown' when they can no longer maintain their 'self' identity - but this may offer a breakthrough of a deeper rootedness of being. The depth, as it were, wakes up and sheds the surface, as a soil in which the old patterns do not work - and are painful to attempt.

"Don't know mind" is the highest state of human  knowledge possible - but far from being helpless, it opens as the only true receptivity. To listen in trust from 'dont know mind', will yield a tangible result for the wholeness of which the part is an expression - and not a prodigal power in its own right.

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