Sunday, 24 June 2012

Do not put your faith in the false deities of economists

If the basis or predicate is false, then all else that follows - or is built upon it - shall likewise be false. An ideal may originally have been rooted in the heart's discernment and realisation - but ideologies are derivative attempts to cling to the wreckage that inevitably associates a war of mind and heart.
In the war of mind over heart, the heart is 'rebranded' as emotionalism and the (wishfully but not actually separated) mind 'crowns itself' as Protector and Guide unto what shows itself finally as a prodigal waste of a Commonwealth.
Feeling is the expression and discernment of connection. A true accounting must FEEL to predicate itself on a true or actual foundation. A sense of disconnect is associated with emotional states - including the attempt to control emotional states.
The Prodigal Son is a tiny story-image that nonetheless speaks of a fundamental truth. To take off with 'one's inheritance' before the Father is dead is a symbol of the agreement to eat of the apple of conflicted mind. Immediately upon such enterprise, is FELT-God seemingly rendered absent, dead, external to both space and time and effectively irrelevant excepting insofar as each claims it in his own fragmenting and fragmented image.
When the primary asset is the 'possession' of one's own self-image - along with all the thinking and experience as arises within such a foundation, then the true Basis and Condition of Wealth has been sold out for a scam.
A fundamental breakdown IS the opportunity for a fundamental reevaluation. When one's own thinking can no longer be trusted, one must listen in a silence that FEELS or discerns - and observe the mind that once was employed as one's own.

I am addressing underlying fundamentals beneath and beyond the radar of our thinking mind - but not beyond the capacity of the heart to recognize Itself. The practical application of ideas is a mode of control, but the natural expression and extension of a true basis in Life is discernment and trust extended.
The nature of investment needs to be not merely of a short term private self-gain - or it continues to undermine a true Appreciation. To invest in what is truly alive will profit all - including oneself, but our notion of wealth is so materially measured and blinkered that we blindly tend to trade our very Soul, (Feeling being) - for the 'world'.
Never underestimate the power of the mind - of intent and belief - for such makes the world we each experience - while the truth the world reveals and reflects, awaits recognition at heart.

Whatever the cultural packaging, the human mind enacts the same essential stories - unless and until it wakes to its stories AS stories. Then there is a basis to see the scam for what it is and refuse it so as to be found within a clear perspective; free of coercive intent.

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