Sunday, 24 June 2012

Reflections on the polarisation of (Greek) politics

 The sophisticated and articulate can enact violence  - the imposition of a coercive will upon others - with the pen, with the law and with the very political, economic and financial systems upon which everyone depends. When these are clever enough, they milk the cow without bleeding it to death, but a fearful and manipulative selfishness is the boom and bust mentality, where fear and lust overrule a more balanced strategy.

So those who have been encouraged to accept passive roles in unjust relationships get pissed off and start to express it without sophisticated articulation - and often in blind or fearful reaction - and there is a blame reaction to make them specially wrong rather that symptomatic of a body politic.

The thinking that makes self-specialness is the thinking of the will to power, whatever paths of expression it takes. Divide and rule begins within one's own mind and then proceeds to dance a bloody and tragic farce.

When special love is mutually engaged - whether in alliance or opposition, the true nature of love is denied, forgot and protected from ... by the persistence of a self-specialness.

The process of honestly acknowledging our fears is utterly essential to our becoming free of the mentality that usurps or sabotages our love, our shared living, our joy in life. Blame and its hidden progenitor; self righteousness, utterly deny any process of awareness that would enable a communication from a shared appreciation to replace a mutuality of shadow-fears.

Loving to hate is NOT love, but a morbid fascination. Those who deal in toxic assets will harvest a reward! But it is never too late to begin.
(Of a mind renewed).

Fatal mistakes are the ones that have no remedy of healing. Isn't this the love of hate? (an inverted form of special love).
I cherish the mistakes by which we realize we are utterly mistaken and find ourselves free to live out from Life anew - for that is the basis from which we do not re-enact the past over and over and yet over again...

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