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Something Terrible Has Happened

Something Terrible Has Happened
By Daily Bell Staff
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My comment to the above article:

Truth is NOT 'out there.

But if you believe there is no truth within You-  or at least none you will open to or accept because it is too terrible - then you MUST seek 'outside' for the completion or fulfilment of a sense of being denied or deprived a fundamental acceptance and validity of being.

Seeking validation in external terms is a ruse to mask a sense of invalidity within.

The true Nature of Conscious Experience of Reality is covered or filtered by many levels of conditioning - such that a fragmented sense of self operates under the belief that external conditions define it, when it is a now hidden level of Consciousness that defined itself relative to conflicted inner conditions that it then sought to externalise as an attempted solution or expediency of escape and avoidance.

Lies are not neutral. Out of mind-sight is not really escaped or evaded - but influencing or usurping your thought and perception to beliefs that keep it hidden and 'protected' from exposure.

Self-honesty is no longer willing to turn a blind eye to a narrative that is a pretence given defence in one's own Name.

Only in self-honesty can the true be recognized true - but of course if you want - or believe you need - to fool yourself then fool must you be and fooled must see the validation of your self - despite the assertion of your power to limit and deny, evade and misconstrue Everything - so as to seemingly have what your falsely framed thinking dictates as your belief in yourself, your world and your purpose or function in life.

The information era has to give way to one of Discernment - that is aligned in the heart and not a power struggle of mind-fragmentation. Or true presence is forsook to a robotic hollow mentality of terror defined rage - masking as an illusion of power - alone and comfortless.

The Electro-magnetic quality of vibrational relation is one of resonant correspondences and synchronicities. Experience is within and of the field of such vibrational communication. The reflected embodiments of accepted Idea have an experiential validity from which to grow or expand the current sense of Existence, but fixation in self-definition against this true movement of Life unfolding unto Itself is an out-of-true dissonance given investment and identification.

Reading one's experience truly is yielding it to Source Awareness instead of keeping and using it for judgement of a presumed dominion.

In ordinary terms - this means pausing from reaction and instead allowing one's peace - that is - a freedom from coercive interference. Even with heated passion or frozen fear, this is the grace of true feeling recognition and the shift of insight to an expansion in which what seemed to besiege can in a core sense be embraced - and brought into relational awareness such as to take a step in a connected sense of being.

Without this connected sense of being is everything necessarily and inevitably  interpreted and used by the 'program' of dis-integrity - including of course the presentations of kindness and respectability in forms that mask the denied but active fear, rage and heartbreak that we individually and collectively struggle to suppress or scapegoat and kill or render powerless.

We live as if everyone ELSE has to wake up and get the message - but are the last to wake up to the ploy that kept us from truly aligning and integrating rather than judging and coercing our self, our relations, our world.

But my judgements say more about me than about the true of the world or anyone in it. Or rather - they reflect partial distortions that can be traced back to their roots in my core beliefs - some of which are personal and others collectively held.

If enough people get stuck in the same place, they call it reality. A working model serves the purpose that you recognize as truly enlivening and fulfilling to who you feel and know yourself to be. Then you LIVE this presence which communicates itself - without having to impose or assert your own self upon others - nor accept invalidation or denial from others.

Truly the Movement of Being defines and identifies us perfectly - as we accept and allow - but Life is never pinned down in fixity for the Context or Perspective Shifts in ways that our linear 3D thinking cannot embrace - much less control.

If you depend on the evil or the false to gain a sense of validity and righteousness - then of course you must accept perpetual war - for true victory would leave you without a power source.

I cannot tell anyone what to accept or look out from as true - and nor can anyone else but your heart recognition. This appears to be the very last place anyone looks and so everything 'else' has to be tried first because when Something Terrible Happened - we lost our sense of connection and communication to a hate that rages and a fear that guilts and undermines any capacity to stand.

Deceits can be like jokes that inadvertently reveal the mind game that thinks itself invisible by assigning its own agenda to others.

Hating evil is easy - but reciprocated in a like conviction. Uncovering the deceits by which hatred operates 'divide and rule' in our OWN mind, and narrative beliefs and definitions has to FEEL enough to recognize what is truly moving rather than give blind hate a backstage pass. It's no use denying or rusing our inner conflict onto others - except to 'create' a hateful world out of a loss of love or sense of love denied. If we were not love - we would not hate losing it and insist that love is unreal so as to assert a self made in hidden hate and 'love' this grievance as our source of power over a world that 'fails us'.

Reality is experience according to perspective. Look to the framing mind or indeed to the free Imagination of your calling. The call to joy is the movement of reintegration in which the energy bound up in conflict is released to align freely along the lines of what you truly are unfolding and recognizing yourself to be. You cannot be what you are not and truly appreciate yourself or others thereby.

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