Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Light on Regeneration

The Natural Way to Regenerate
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Stephanie Seneff's studies also have some bearing on sunlight as health-giving. Subject to cholesterol sulphate being abundant. Cholesterol deficiency and lack of sulphur in diet (along with other toxicities and deficiencies) operate a negative synergy instead of the positive synergy of such energetic communications as this video indicate.
Breaking Life down into parts so as to manually 'improve, control or replace' it, always persists the original split-mind that expresses and embodies a sense of war with our nature, rather than a balancing within our nature.

As long as the god/evil polarity operates coercively in place of a felt relation within the whole, will a reversal or anti-bio force fuel its negative reflection.

The self-righteous mask over un-owned 'evil' or dissonance of conflicted identity - blindly persists a hate agenda. Letting light in is not a loveless analytical exposure to cold mechanism - but is a receptive willingness of desire or attraction to a fulfilment in like kind.

Therefore I do not see any outer intervention as in itself being able to substitute for or replace the willing desire for health - though it may operate as a permission slip for such desire to find conscious acceptance. And then how truly is our desire for health a movement of love for unconflicted  wholeness of being - and how much are we deceived by the attempt to evade, hide or deny and eradicate the sickness of a feared outcome? There is a difference in going wholly for what you want and defining yourself in terms of what you don't want. The latter drags its baggage wherever it goes.

The energetic communication of Life at all 'levels' of our existence - including our body - is mind-blowing - or infinitely beyond the scope or capacity of a mind-mapping attempt to command and control. But our maps and models can replace a true foundation so as to meet an entirely different reflection that of course reinforces where we are coming from - for that is the way the 'experience' is designed to be. To play out. To work as feedback to our balancing within.

Coming back to Stephanie Seneff - I like her willingness to consider that if the body does it - it embodies a positive reason within stress or deficiency and not a rogue oppositional evil to (therefore) block or eradicate. I see that science inherited a lot from the old religion it thought to have invalidated - and embodies the same hatreds operating in the 'name' of reason - or any other of its trojan horses.

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