Friday, 1 July 2016

Honesty and discernment

The Dalai Lama Speaks the Uncomfortable Truth about Immigration

The Dalai Lama Speaks the Uncomfortable Truth about Immigration

Weapons operate like the Trojan horse - in that a hate agenda can be hidden within forms that are considered unchallengeable or such that any challenge to expose what is in fact being done can be met with what seems to be a justified hate and penalty because of being painted or portrayed as taking a hateful stance.

Presentations of 'love' are manipulative and manipulatable. Hate is active undercurrent but has to justify itself to act openly. The hatred that is being raged against the people of Earth is couched or hidden in all kinds of narrative 'justifications'. The dominant powers operate this narrative under the guise of protecting, guiding and supporting those who give them power by accepting and believing in such protection. Scaremongering and false promises are not a reliable basis for decision but rather a basis in which fears operate unquestioned.

To ask what to 'do' in a seemingly impossible situation is not workable until the narratives and definitions that frame the situation are themselves addressed. Fear and rage run us more than we think - and guilt and lack of worth invalidate and undermine what presence we might bring forth.

The thinking that manifests as globalism is loveless and without any real capacity to feel the suffering that results from loveless choices and impositions. Yet it uses the fear of suffering and the wish for love as levers to engineer outcomes in consciousness as in social and political relations.

Love - as a currency of meaning has become almost meaningless because it has been so degraded and diluted by misuse. In a meaningless self and world we need to regain a true foundation from which to live and grow culture of worth extended - rather than exploiting relationships for what we can personally 'get' out of them.

There is no real vision of cultural expression allowed in a terror driven society - regardless the narratives by which such a dictate is propagated and imposed. The fear has to be addressed rather than hidden or ran from - and this means owning one's own feeling and associated thought rather than using external diversion and displacement.

An honest embracing what and who we feel ourselves being rather than protecting a narrative identity from feared change.

A false protectionism operates a hatred of change - unless increasing one's sense of power and control. Life is change and relationships are transformational by nature. That we have power issues and corresponding hatred of loss of power invoking desire for vengeance needs acceptance - for while we pretend the 'sin' is in the other, a false power runs our mind and replaces our heart with a conditional 'love' that is never really met or fulfilled.

Reclaiming authority is disengaging from false thinking so as to be found in a recognition of true - and not a device of manufactured diversion. There is love in such recognition that is available to live from - and not 'towards'. The world we meet is always through the extension of self we give it - but those who are poor in Spirit and divided in purpose do not know the blessing that is theirs to give. This may seem an impossible task - but self-honesty is not a task so much as a yielding to feel that which is truly moving and - if you will - allow communication of an order that demand for power cannot and will not allow. Power over Life corrupts - and blocks the communication of the power that Life is.

Elites are the idea that only they can decide power outcomes - but framed in a sense of power that denies communication in order to seem to exist. Communication is firstly within - but not as conditioned or oppositional thinking - but as an honesty of an open feeling awareness. Everything else is already manifesting the checkmate of power struggle - for there are no winners in war - regardless the narrative. Do even the debt-collectors 'win' Life truly lived and shared?

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