Friday, 1 July 2016

A Righteous Cause...?

A Righteous Cause...?

My comment to the above article:

Standing in integrity is not righteous war - but embodying a presence that communicates of itself. Self righteousness is the flip side to the 'enemy'. Both are experienced within you as two facets of the same mind in division or judgement. Unified purpose is not an evasion rejection or overcoming of hated and denied self.

The en-trance to the human experience of 'separation amidst a world of conflicting forces is the investment in 'righteous' hate - everything else follows the pattern of denial and fragmentation and ... here we are. Resisting 'temptation' to be the power of judge over another is forsaking the seduction of a false sense of power.

Until we recognize our participance in the experience we are attracting and acting from as true, must we point always away from ourself and throw the first stone in order to seal our denial with 'loving to hate' or hating in the 'name' of love.

I don't suggest denying feelings of hatred, rage, heartbreak, powerlessness and terror, but withdrawing automatic investment so as to ask and receive anew within the moment of their movement - expressing in ways that do not fuel the recycle of hate and hurt.

This is not attractive or pleasant - but nor is a rising tide of rage and terror that rises to awareness as our world regardless whether we try to 'see' it in other's ignorance and arrogance or step back to enquire within as to exactly what is 'running here as MY take on what and who I am in relation to what seems to be going on.

A mis-take can righteously assert itself in ignorance of its arrogance. I am not taking blame in opening to my own participation in lovelessness. Rather I am putting blame behind me in accepting an awakening responsibility for the thought, intent and purpose that I accept as true of me.

Use your 'experience' of your relationship to awaken to a true quality of relationship within. It is all up on the Big Screen for you to recognize what you are NOT and so release or awaken in what you ARE. Deceit makes a war of this, but truth does not communicate with - much less respond to - illusion. Illusions fight only with themselves - at cost of the sharing in an appreciation of awareness of truth.

Be wary of the call to war - but discern a call to stand in Integrity - which witnesses for all.

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