Friday, 1 July 2016

Power addiction and perpetual war

Someone recently (no link) suggested in commentary on  that the geopolitical game was all about money...

Money is not the motivation of power addiction but operates one of its key leveraging points and so is an increasing overhead to the maintenance of addiction as it spirals out of any sense of control or proportion. The parasitic stripping down and hollowing out of one's own world and kind, embodies a rage and hate worshipped and yielded to as power and its ultimate expression is the power to enslave and destroy life to achieve dominion - and to destroy it if it cant have it.

I write to invite the illumination of what might be called inner or denied and generally unconscious thought and feeling. As I now see, this is the nature of  'shadow power' that we hate to see (and see to hate).  Read on if and as you are moved to be curious - or move on elsewhere with whatever resonates with a sense of relevance to who you feel and accept yourself to be...

The 'dynamic' of identity in power struggle being played out globally operates the breakdown in communication that is insane (self-contradictory) thinking passing off as if worthy currency. If such thinking runs in your operating system - then you can use the noticing of it to illuminate the underlying conditioning of beliefs and identity that must be running in place of the feeling and freedom of relational being - whereby the fight or flight of a primitive subconscious routine is given jurisdiction over all other faculties. Such is war. And so everything is interpreted as strategy in a 'life' now seen AS perpetual war - erupting occasionally in 'justified' open war - but always as the art of deceit by which to 'protect the sense of self-power' from any change or transformation to its sense of being in control.

The sacrifice of true-feeling life in relation to this idol of self-image is paid in death and taxes on all levels of our being. The living 'dead' are so invested in concept of life that they literally know not what they do - but 'see' only as such thinking dictates and hate and fear any interference to such 'protection' or 'power'.

The reflection of our inner fears as the world we experience is both personal and collective. We are set in seeking to solve an inner conflict, externally,  and so are casting and 'using' others and 'world' in ways that prevent any real recognition of who they are and what life moves us to be. And in the thrill of the chase and the addiction to the hit, truth may stand at the door and knock... but no one is listening. At least until they bottom out to recognize their own prodigal recognition.

Ripening for recognition corresponds with the fading or disintegration of the compulsion of the drama as diversionary tactic from false foundations. And so the energy invested in drama can be released to call forth a true foundation - if we are tired of and unwilling to persist in self-dishonesty knowingly.

Feeding hate and fear as if to gain power in overcoming symptoms of a deeper denial operates a set of diminishing returns that result an unworkable indebtedness or bankruptcy of options. Just as broad spectrum dominance asserts its 'victory'. "We got the cancer but we lost the patient". War on Life can have only one logical outcome. But false thinking can be recognized as such and not accepted as currency from which to live.

Deceit frames choices of no diversion and displacement in order to hide that would otherwise be Obvious. The embrace of Life on Earth is not a rehearsal or enacting of war-game. It is the original movement of being by which you live this Earth. But investment in the control-mind brings an increasing disorder of discord regardless the medications.
Interprets this as opportunity to use disorder as means to suck out more 'power' in turning wealth and cultural inheritance to evaporations of debt and sacrifice to transnational 'state' religion - that feeds off of Life in the name of power and protection from its own hidden hatred.

How is hatred hidden? By mental justifications that frame it in righteous assertion of relative innocence to the focus of guilt upon the other - and the more demonic and inhuman the guilt - or the consequence of not guilting - the more self-righteous the pre-emptive strike by which to eradicate the 'evil'. However the dependence on hating 'evil' for a sense of self-worth is not so secret excepting to those who demand it be so. Divide and rule begins closer than we think.

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