Friday, 1 July 2016

Brexit and the fear campaign

Influencing outcomes by manipulation and deceit includes presenting and usurping forms of communication... that may seem to pass off as acceptable or meaningful, but carry different intent and agenda than the form suggests. They feel different.

And once the currency has been thus adulterated, by mutual reinforcements of the fear of communicating, such behaviour becomes normalized to operate as codes of power in place of any actual receiving or revealing of true being. Such a heartless game or dance of 'power over' Life or in denial of Life presents a persona that feeds off of denial to seem a power in and of itself - validated by that which it has rendered powerless or invalid.

Where a genuine process of communication arrives at an outcome - that outcome will have a win-win practicality along with a tangible sense of connection from which to step forth.

My sense of true sovereignty is not of coercive power over, but of a free and true willingness to live the outcome of a true communication - which is never merely outer forms but always an inner discernment.

Unless we are restored to such an alignment within our selves - as our true individuality of expression, we operate a 'mind' of denial and opposition that refuses to listen - not least by identifying in forms of conceptual fixation that blindly operate conditioned reaction. Those who are in denial of the fear that conditions their 'survival reflex' must embody the scope of its fight or flight dictate and only 'know what they do' in terms of a compulsion that runs in place of their true willing and is defended to the utmost against exposure to change - which has become associated with pain, loss and death instead of the Movement of the unfolding of Life unto Itself.

Life is what is really 'going on' but the narrative definitions we accept as if true, are the experience of it that we are filtering as a limited and distorted mentality. This sense of the need for power to judge reality arises from self-differentiation from our own; as a masking or self-limiting act - that seems creative as a personal sense of power. But without a balancing within a presence of communication, self-conflicted experience generates a sense of disconnection, loss, pain, rage, guilt, terror and impotence.

This is where the power that could be given and accepted as communication, is instead given to coercion, pretence and denial - backed by the force of feeling that seeks to escape , hide or overcome a dissonance of being that has been thus placed out of bounds. Out of self-acceptance and recognition or denied conscious awareness.

Fear operates our world-experience because we believe it protects or empowers us. But is it the power its seems or the power we - each - give it.

We are always 'voting' to align with our joy in integrated being or with beliefs that dictate the invalidation and denial of our being.

In the brexit 'campaign' such as it was, fear was the underlying issue as well as the division according to where that fear was directed. Competing fears seeking power or protection. But in the process the manipulating deceit of fear had some measure of exposure as a fraud.

One can focus on deceit so as to be the righteous crusader against it or awaken to a game that is not true of you and stop playing it. Then we may be able to address some of the fears that are beneath the need to resort to it - as a more honest conversation from which a truly helpful outcome can arise naturally - without empowering hatred and coercion - though we feel it and hate how it feels to be denied.

Sovereignty of willingness has hardly been 'discovered' or allowed to embody on Earth - because we fear loss of power and loss of self. But I ask you if clinging to such a sense of 'self power' is not actually the sacrifice of Life for a hollowing and fragmenting ritual of powerlessness seeking validity?

Where we give acceptance and focus is our will - or the denial of true will for something 'else'. This is where we have freedom - not in the framing of the 'something else' - that believes itself free to enslave and deny Life - while outsourcing the consequence to 'others' and getting high on the hit of an evaporation of worth and wealth into pain and destruction.

The corporate ego is our own writ large as a collective expression of individual focus and default choices. There is hateful consequence from such loveless exploitation - but I don't trust hate and fear to result in anything but more of the same in perhaps adapted or subtler forms.

We get to experience where we are coming from - but are free to use such feedback as a way to come from a more aligned perspective - or invest in blame and divest ourselves of compassion.

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