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Views on Brexit

Two views on Brexit

(The linked article presents) ... two widely divergent perspectives on the meaning and the prospects opened up by Brexit, both originally published by Defend Democracy. The starkness of the contrast – between the view of a former World Bank officer and that of a self-identified  revolutionary socialist — is, we think, itself of considerable interest.

I offered mine:
I regard outcomes arising from a genuine willingness of communication as alignments of integrity - (as compared with outcomes resulting from coercion and deceit) - even if disguised in the form of rational communication.
So although the campaigners offered little sense of vision as to what the positive opportunities might be as a result of Brexit, many did have a sense of having been lied to and deceived - and when the scare campaign was offered for the remain - it was not successful even though given a strong media and government backing. This feels good to me for opening a conversation that would not happen if we merely assent to continued management by faceless  unaccountable technocrats representing corporate and US led globalist agenda.

So by no means do I see Brexit as an answer - for of course it all depends - as always - on where we are coming from and what we use it for. But genuine communication always brings a shift of perspective in which opportunities open that were otherwise not.

What I mean by communication is both within us and between us.  And much of what we accept as currency of communication is as false as the debt and war based economy that false thinking embodies and attempts to 'justify'.
The legalized corporate system has usurped true governance. Its framing operates the 'technocracy' of psuedo-scientism in which relationships of willingness are replaced with mechanism of dictated correctness operating in the name of humanism while undermining or denying the human spirit for private and fear-driven agenda.

Such a corporate society is farmed or indeed pharmed - for medical and scientific corruption operates state control in ways that hide in plain sight under a false consensus targeted to human guilt, fear and powerlessness.

While the term corruption is associated with hate and blame - I feel to look beneath personality politics to illuminate the corruption of true communication with falsehood or deceits - much of which is a result of denied self - or 'unconscious' but active self definition relative to our world. True responsibility is lost to guilt and blame conditioning - and true justice to vengeance. So much so that few reading will have a clue as to what I mean because blame is the currency of thought that we are conditioned to identify in.

Without a core sense of worth - there is nothing but managed worthlessness seeking to validate or atone, overcome or redefine itself. Neither the state nor the corporation can give a true sense of worth - for this is something that extends from the willingness to receive and share it. Divide and rule operates against communicating true presence - and is the 'mind-control' of a masked or split off sense of self that passes off a presentation that masks what is felt unacceptable or unworthy or fearful.

That we are being lied to needs also to include that we lie to ourselves - especially when we do not want to be overwhelmed or exposed to experience in which we feel loss of control - or loss of self - an upsurge of invalidity and unworthiness that may be felt as denied worth and so associate with hate and rage.

Self-honesty is something we may think we have until we actually watch ourselves in the thought, feeling and act - and blame absolutely works to prevent such exposure - until we learn that we need a true foundation as a point of grounded sanity and ignore the fearmongering of guilt agenda by separating from that which separates us from a true willingness for Life - on Life's terms rather than persisting in attempting to coerce Life; each other and our world, to conform to our narrative identities.

If Life on Earth is our desire - then our thought and word and act needs align within this desire - not as guilt-based correctness but as a freely accepted self-honesty.

I speak to the foundation because without it - nothing else can really take, or work, or grow. Everything is a matter of where we are truly 'coming from' - for that is the measure of what we experience. The fact that we have such difficulty relating or communicating, is a reflection of our relationship with our self. This may sound insane - but note that when you are out of accord and in conflict within yourself - NONE of your relationships will reflect harmony - excepting those dedicated to evading and denying such honesty. In other words psychological defensive strategies of mutually assured distraction.

I see no future for a conscious humanity without a willingness for and valuing of  inner honesty, for otherwise manipulation and deceit are given belonging in us and attract the same in our lives. our relationships and endeavours and our world. Wake up within what seems real and uncover a native curiosity.

Our future unfolds out from our presence. But what we take as our present is often defined in terms of a past sense of denial and sacrificed to a future like the past. 'Mindfulness' serves an inner balancing and navigation within a wholeness of being - but conditioned reaction only thinks it knows, for a true noticing or what is here and our sense of self definition within it - opens perspective that conditioned sleepwalking cannot access. Few look here because problems demand attention and disallow life-time in free awareness. But the call of Life is always your Now.
If what is here is a pause from succumbing to a managed mind that believes itself free because it is protected from having to question and feel for itself - then here is a call to embrace questioning and feeling for yourself - because this opens a true relationship - a true Union - even with people you have not met, be they of any background. But I said feeling rather than thinking because the illusion of thinking for yourself is the signature of divide and rule substitution.
Split off thinking operates at expense of wholeness. It is not true or worthy currency and generates a split off world in which power seeks order in forms of unity that overrides and deny free willingness. But the Law is made for Humanity. Humanity is not made to be sacrificed to 'law' in name and form that has no true willingness in our hearts. Such is tyranny of coercion upon the Gift of Life - or self-blinding ignorance and arrogance as a lesson plan.

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