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Shock, disgust and anger

Life in a Modern-day Debt Colony: The Truth about Greece
by Michael Nevradakis

I recommend at least considering the article linked above for a perspective on Greece, the EU and a masked agenda that is working by design - and not one of encountering accidents or errors of negligence.

My input is into the article and shared commentary but placed it in the context of the last few words of  elentis who ended his post with:

...We must dare to finally speak the UnSpeakable and do this loudly and backed up by research. At least our fellow Europeans, the majority not in the feeding trough, deserve clear and true information. Believe me, the result of this information is disgust. Shock and disgust – and anger.

My comment:

"Shock and disgust – and anger".

These feelings are unlidded (within us) by events. All of us carry the lid of social civility that generates a mask of personae under which is the attempt to coerce outcomes in alignment with (at least temporarily) escaping or delaying the shock of a broken identity in self and world; the disgust of (and at) the hatred that is thus exposed in the raw, and the survival sense that denies and projects hatred to instead focus almost exclusively in a relative self-righteous justifiction - in which hate of OTHER is seen as absolutely justified and therefore replaces the love that is denied within the hurtred of hate and rage. And so we 'love' to hate and hate to love - for hate has made of love a victim - an invalidity - an un-reality.

I have attempted to sketch something of the imprinting of the human conditioning that 'sets' the human condition unless we feel through it to an expanded acceptance of embrace and perspective.

The hate that embodies an anti-Life globalism, hates the Life that - in its experience - failed it. There are different facets of separation trauma - but we all share in and embody such archetypes that are locked in polarized conflict of 'divide to rule' or indeed to rule out what we cannot bear or tolerate.

There can be no relationship or communication to a mind exclusively identified in vengeance or in terror. But only what is believed to be necessary and justified deceit and coercion - in the framing of the goal of power from which all else derives whatever use or meaning it is allowed to have. Power operates a false sense of protection - or rather a protection of an incomplete sense of self falsely asserted as an exclusive and authoritative power over its own experience.

And so terrorism - whether masked or in the raw, operates the act of the hate upon its own - as a coercive conformity to asserted and imposed 'idea' under which, the living will - the freedom to feel and move as one's being - is sacrificed and denied. The illusion of power 'paints itself into a corner' as checkmate! But the board is a two dimensional representation of a polarized oppositional identity.

If the illusion of power is unsurprisingly self-defeating - does it not invoke curiosity as to the true nature of power - or perhaps there is no term for it in a world so long entrained and enchained to darkness in which NOT being hit can seem like love.

When our hated, feared or denied feeling finds acceptance in the movement of its being - without being given reactive access to trigger harm to self and others, then a fresh take can replace a mis-take and a quality of compassion within ourselves can automatically and naturally recognize opportunities and willingness for communication and relationship hitherto unseen or discarded - in which the power of true presence is extended and honoured in place of a 'relational usury' that seeks to 'get validation from others' by offering a false presentation as substitute for the power it believes lost - and so does not rest in and share.

The inner recognition is not a strategy or replacement for integrity in relationship - but a questioning and opening of foundations so as to truly know and align in purpose - rather than be-guiled within evasions that feel justifiably compelling and necessary.

Is not tragi-comedy a gift of cultural inheritance from early Greek culture? Using the reflection to uncover recognition in which what seemed exclusive polarities are both owned - and instead of an overwhelm, we open the freedom to focus differently - to accept a different choice than a split compulsion.

How anything 'works out' is beyond me - excepting that what I write here has relevance to living a good step - from which a fresh perspective opens its own good or recognized guidance. This is so 'different' as to seem too difficult or indeed daft. But questioning our foundations in desire for true being is not in order to get a better handle on power and protection in the frame of the 'world' - but to receive and thus bring forth a 'different' world from what separation trauma painted and defended as our life.

Illuminating the 'checkmate' of a 'victory' by which life is made hollow and meaningless is part of growing willingness and desire for Life and for truth that is truly receptive and not pre-loaded with demands and conditions.

Our original nature can be covered over and denied - yet must first BE that denial can seem to operate a replacement. Denial is a part of focusing - but we do not have to hate or demonize the choice that does not resonate with who we truly feel and know or even prefer ourself to be - in order to live that freedom and learn of it freely. A coerced or conformed choice is no freedom to feel and learn and grow. The old world order replicates itself over and again as the dictate of a seeming 'separate' mentality - presented as if normal and self-evident - yet predicated on hate and fear and locked in by guilt.

I have only the English translation of the adaptation of Arnisi - used by Theodorakis in Sto Periagiali - I sign off with it in solidarity with and gratitude for an awakening Humanity.

Sto Periagli (Mikis Theodorakis) Based on (Arnisi) DENIAL by Giorgos Seferis

On the secret seashore, white like a pigeon (dove?),
we thirsted at noon, but the water was brackish.
On the golden sand, we wrote her name, but the sea-breeze blew and the writing vanished.
With what spirit, what heart, what desire and passion we lived our life:
a mistake! So we changed our life

[English trans : Edmund Keeley and Phillip Sherrard]

- - -
I’m sorry, but the Stasi were there to protect East Germans from the horrors inflicted on Greece.
My reply:

I feel you are mistaken. The apparatus of Soviet state control - extending to making everyone a spy on everyone else - may have been initially 'justified' in terms of protecting against foreign terror threat - but operated to consolidate a power elite who masked in a 'collectivist' appeal at expense of the quality of Life shared - excepting of course, within the conformity of the official dictate.

The identifiction of 'sides' is unaware that deceit works both or all sides of opportune or manufactured conflict to influence outcomes in its favour, without seeming to play much part - except perhaps as saviour.

 I am not suggesting that protection is not required against deceits that carry heavy consequence - but that the very quick minded position themselves 'upstream' of events so as to operate 'insider' leverage by which they become defacto 'elites' making the decisions that frame 'the lives of others' who have little or no awareness of what is in fact going on beneath appearances - excepting they feel denied of their core humanity by a tyrannous dictate - but induced to blame and inflame their own divisions.

Likewise western 'intelligence' gathering is used for corporate/political advantage in globalist power struggle even though it was ostensibly to protect against the 'bad guys'. Corporate or mercantile power tends to be one foot (or many) in front of the attempt to check and balance it - but it is the consolidation of power that operates - for when transnational corporations have served their nation-destroying role, they too will be relived of any temptation towards undue influence or threat to the power dictate.

However, without the belief in the evil enemy - such society cannot remain ordered - for the inner conflicted purposes that are 'unified and displaced' by the dictate of centralised power rise up as a creative chaos through which a different way of living starts to come into focus than coercion and deceit.

However, I note that the terror that external power was supposed to hide or protect us from is leaking out everywhere now - so a 'creative chaos' might be the only option left. The creative is of course what we bring as presence to that which we find disturbing or unsettling. If we only fixate in anti-evil identities we let ourselves be defined over and against the thing we hate. Defined by hate is not creative freedom - even if ingeniously marketed and spun to a fear of change.

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