Friday, 1 July 2016

Psyops - War on Consciousness

NATO and ‘News’ Media Pump for WW III
by Eric Zuesse

My comment to the above article:

Psyops, are a pervasive and persistent attempt to undermine the ‘enemy’. If true communication is the quality by which a lie is revealed to be untrue it is thus ‘the enemy’ – and so consciousness has to be degraded to the acceptance of conformity with the narrative.

Shock and fear largely work to trigger powerless compliance, or mob support for ‘protection’, to be implemented without too much oversight or challenge.

And so wedges are driven to deter or prevent EU getting cosy with Russia and the exercises and provocations may be more about conforming members to a NATO directive rather than any actual intent to engage open hostilities.

But… is there a psychopathic hatred of Earth existence that would destroy Earth if it could? One way to tune into this is to notice how many are seeing humanity as a virus to be eradicated or a faulty robot to be upgraded and replaced, a paralysed and stuck impotence to escape or overcome its powerlessness, a cynical despair confused with clarity amidst a sense of utter worthlessness or meaninglessness.

We all have some part of ‘death wish’ hiding in thoughts of invalidation, heartbreak and rage – but usually socially masked in forms of relative acceptability. Is it so that a collective focus in seeking to escape the sense of a failed, denied or spoiled Life, fuels or supports the urge to withdraw and withhold from Life by withholding it from all? This is a pre-rational urge that operates undercurrent as an intense rage of hatred that is denied conscious acceptance and is thus hidden in vengeful and invalidating acts and intent – or suddenly released in ‘rapture’. “Here I am – See me!”

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