Saturday, 2 July 2016

Synergies of effect

Skin Cancer Cases Soaring Among ‘Sun, Sea and Sangria’ Generation Of Over 55s, Charity Warns
Cheap package holidays may be to blame.
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There are synergies of effect that can work positive or negative outcomes. Focusing on co-factors out of context of their natural context scapegoats falsely - leading to interventions that tend to add negative co-factors. Stephanie Seneff offers very interesting perspectives.

Some negative co-factors include dietary deficiencies, and toxicities along with drug interventions, and environmental exposures - including so called healthy protection.

The synergy of huge international business lobby and false but heavily asserted science is evident in such issues as the demonsisation of saturated fats and promotion of transfat as protective against evil and therefore healthy by association. The Media is a primary co-factor in the injection and uptake of such false notions of immunity and protection. The willingness to ask questions is a different tack to the desire for comfortable answers of dependency on seeming experts.

An awakened self-responsibility is a primary context for aligning in health. Whatever sources of information one accesses or is exposed to, an inner vigilance and discernment is a presence of curiosity and willingness to learn and grow. Otherwise one unwittingly consents to a managed sickness within a system that is no more considerate of your true needs than you are. The wish for magical answers corresponds with the association of imbalance and dissonance with evil scapegoats.

Our capacity to hate and fear our true nature is proportional to our attempt to power over Life - and belief that we have and are such power to remake life in our own image - at least in the image of the those who protect and manage a sense of control over the narratives of our thought, as over our social and political life.

Our willingness to not exercise self-responsibility invites and even demands that others step in to replace our true willing relationship with systems of ideas that are themselves open to error and corruption.

You have to operate with your belief system - but with is not the same as exclusively identified in. Beliefs that war to prevail are not at rest in an inner honesty of being. Fear of exposure to light is the realm of lie - but feeling right relation within the light is the realm of balance - and a rejection of the whole seeks to impose balance rather than uncover it. The more you push - the more are you pushed back - and seem to need more power to push. True receptivity is a living feeling recognition. But Life is a dance - not a mechanism.

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