Thursday, 11 June 2015

The lie by which we are deceived

The true nature of a coercive and fearful tyranny is revealed by what cannot be talked about.
I have become aware that much of what I had been brought up and conditioned to believe was never true, though it has been and still may be believed true and defended as such by many.
The personality is not only a masking construct - but an experience of a world. The disintegration and transformation of the personality structure is the rising of a greater perspective. Not greater as in competitive value, but of a greater embrace and inclusion of more of what you are, what life is and sharing it.

An exclusive identification within the personality structure inherently defends against integration and intimacy of truly shared purpose - because it is believed and perceived threatening to its sense of identity in control. And it does so by devices of deceit, diversion and dissociation. There are innumerable reflections of this in our world, that are maintained as effective by their keeping attention focussed away from what must remain hidden in order to persist in the identity in control.
This post was written in relation to one such reflection.

I had recently came upon Ursula Haverbeck's video witness twice; on you tube, and then on Paul Eisen: I want to tell the British people
I followed a link in his comments to some news of her and left the following comment:

I recognise and appreciate Ursula Haverbeck for her willingness to bear and share witness free of guile or appeal for a hate agenda.
When the false is brought into truth, it cannot abide or stand - but be seen clearly false.
The manipulation of minds.... of perception, is in some ways more disturbing than the fearful belief in unthinkable evil hiding within our minds, by which to cripple and emasculate our sense of worth and power, whilst being prey to the power of those who use that conditioning as hidden leverage in directing and controlling the narrative and thus the thinking and actions of others.
But it is not 'the Jews' who operate deceit and coercion as such, but a power cartel who operate within a Jewish identity, just as any wolf in sheep's clothing can operate through any identity. The Jews are themselves conditioned to fear being persecuted, attacked and even killed en-masse just for being Jewish - and this fear leverages global funding and support in any number of agendas of an 'intelligentsia' whose identity is indeed in seeking power for its own sake, and who are very focused and disciplined in achieving their goals without scruple because power is also the power to dictate 'truth' - and so it is whatever 'power' asserts Because it asserts it in ways that range from the subtly laid plans laid over time in which to play others through their own vanities and deceits so as to bring them to a compromised or dependent position, as well as the force of direct belligerence and outrage that effectively blitzkiegs opposition. They are a lobby that is far more effective than any other. But they are not 'the Jews'. They are operating the psychology of deceit and coercion - just as most everyone does - but at a level unthinkable to most anyone - because it is not felt by them to BE deceit and coercion to overcome obstacles to their goals, for they are engaging in life as they believe life to be - which is war.

The device within consciousness whereby truth is sacrificed to war is most fundamental to any true awakening of Humanity as a whole. Because we all partake in the lie from which only a conflicted war on life can issue. And we all hide that in our consciousness just as we see this 'horror' has been triggered and incepted within our collective consciousness by design.

Hate and fear and guilt and vengeance are the progeny of the lie. Self-righteous hatred seeds the hatred in our beliefs and identities and puts us in the vibrational range of being manipulated - because we are engaged in manipulating our own mind in the directing of inner conflict ONTO others, investing in offense and using it to 'justify' hate.

So I offer this pause to look more honestly at our own participation in being baited or scammed out of our true appreciation of living, for the device that is revealed as a result, becomes an open door to freedom. The manipulations and coercions of deceit may promise power and freedom, but there is no freedom in the compulsive reaction of the drive to validate a lie upon the truth. But there is the capacity to notice it and not choose to persist in such identity. Hatred and opposition feed this identity, so it sows the conditions hatred as the sane sow the conditions of love. Love of power is meaningless without the sanity of real relationships. Self-specialness may be exemplified in exaggerated examples but is a key lovelessness tacitly hidden in our thinking - and easily hacked.
Who loves to hate, hates to love.
Reverse this reversal, if you will. Who recognizes the self-defeating poison of hate will not attack their self with it by investing and growing such identity.
Al hate comes home to its sender. But what one owns, can be released and a different message given, and received.
If you no longer hate your self, the hate of others will be seen to be their own unhealed issue.
Why would we hate our self? Because we fear we are evil, unworthy of love and unsafe for love to approach. The personality masks what we are afraid to face directly, until in one way or another the construct of lies disintegrates and we look within and know the truth which fear denied our awareness.
To be the true of ourselves is to invite and meet the truth in everyone and everything. Jesus found this even in playing out the release of his personal will to the true Will of our Father, through a most dramatic and extreme event. He saw those who know not what they do, and that these were one with that in himself that he willingly gave up in love of truth.
What is the Will of our Source -Nature? It is what one feels and knows true and whole when pausing the reaction of thinking that seems to reflect and reinforce a sense of separation from and power over Life - for a sense of self arising from the belief and seduction of such power.
What passes as thinking is worth watching and checking, to see if it is in fact truly speaking for You - who are vastly more than you think you are, yet are so conditioned as to not question or challenge that which defines you, your life, your world.

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