Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Control addiction

Hungry FBI Creating Fake Terrorists
By Philippe Gastonne of The Daily Bell


While the symptomatology becomes more indicative of an insanity, the desperation of the addict becomes more apparent. That this kind of attempt to control reality rather than understand oneself in true relation to what it actually is, works against one's true interests is simply part of the price that the seduction of the illusion of such power demands.

The addiction is not only particular to the FBI or any other TLA (Three letter acronym) - but the consciousness that participates in its control agenda.
We are humanly conditioned to a fearful sense of self that equates such control with sanity, respectability, and acceptability - all of which relate to GETTING validity FROM outside, and which conform us to operate in ways that we believe others or society demands - so as to avoid or escape shame, rejection, powerlessness, ridicule and invalidation or even violence, loss of career, relationships, personal freedom or even our lives. But essentially a masking over and overriding of our natural being.

With the most part of a whole society tacitly sharing modes of being that operate defensively and offensively in a self-protective avoidance of intimate or true communication, the various devices of manipulative and contractual interactions replace relationships. This means that much of our exchange is coded ritual behaviours that sacrifice our true presence - and that capacity to receive it of others - to coercively maintained presentations. If they are socially acceptable, such behaviour is invisible or accepted as simply justified - perhaps assigned to 'human nature' as if normal meant natural. But when they are not socially acceptable, they are looked upon with blame and shame as if from a high moral ground.

The whole business of 'justification' for acting lovelessly - that is - without integrity - is the investment in offence FOR the purpose of self-assertion that draws its power not from a true presence but from the attack and undermining of another which is relinquishment of self-responsibility as the presence that you are - for the mask of social and personal justifiction.
Maintaining mutually agreed justifictions that take power from undermining others while masked in pretensions that one becomes actually identified in, is an addictive and destructive breakdown of communication, that defends itself against any real communication, because that is threat to its control of the narrative justifiction.

As long as one supports the justifiction, it can maintain its mask to itself. Attacking it also supports it by providing the enemy that validates its  The escalation of perceived threat becomes the escalation of dissociated insanity.
It always was an insanity, but it always seems like someone else's insanity until it comes home to roost.

When the perceived promise (of control), or threat to supply, power or obstacle to its promise of power, is significant enough, all kinds of evils are perpetrated as collateral. To those making such decisions, their definitions of the situation essentially frame the devil we know against a greater fear - and the devil we know is the attempt to coerce outcomes by fair mask or foul.

I do not expect institutional reforms excepting to switch masks in the same game - but individuals are brought to the test of whether to give allegiance to what is increasing breaking through the justifiction as a deep dissonance of being - or whether to use the dissonance as a fear symbol whereby to draw 'power' to maintain and magnify darkness from the light of a true alarm.

The way in which we communicate is as much our communication as the words we use. The 'devil' or command and control mentality operating deceit, can 'jump' to the self-righteous hatred of seeding itself in any new movement - because it is already latently there - and is triggered by the resonance of the fear and guilt.

To be vigilant FOR one's peace is to be on guard against 'divide and rule' deceits - but then also to be the presence that can communicate regardless the provocations and baiting of those who assume you are as they believe themselves to be, and can thus be manipulated - because that is all they accept to be true.

On a local by note: I met some of Alan Grayson's youtubes - particularly him questioning the cartel of corruption that transferred vast sums of taxpayer money to banks, which give a great example of calm incisive and persistent presence in the face of 'power' though of course he did not see it as power but as a deceit that does not bear scrutiny.

Someone made a comment to the article (with which I enjoined)

I get the picture that you don't suck into the scare tactic. But do you see the agendas that use 'terrorism' as a deceit by which to effectively strip rights and usurp governance, as terrorists  or resorting to the use of extreme threat and fear as a justification for taking power as it were 'from within'.
And you know that if you treat people badly enough for long enough, you will grow a crop of 'terrorists' - who can be nurtured and equipped and used as proxies in geopolitical global agendas.

Exactly what one means by a term is debatable, and crying foul! or calling wolf! does not mean that the grievance is true or the wolf really at the door. But it often works because we are conditioned by experience of threat and fear and loss to automatically self-protect before checking in with reality.

There are any number of names given to the enemy, the bad guys, the evil threat that must be eradicated. Sometimes they get to become statesmen and shake hands and hang out with the other leaders and dignitaries - such as was with Israeli terrorists. I feel there is truth in the statement "we become what we hate". There is a polarising hatred that works both sides to devour or hollow out the centre where wholeness can find balance points rather than attempt usurp wholeness from one end of any such conflict.

There is a lot of information revealing that unprincipled power will use any ruse to ensure that they don't lose their predation upon those who are farmed and discarded refuse. In some way I feel there is a need - from the point of view of the 'control mentality' to keep fear on the radar - in the news - in a multitude of ways. But this actually serves an awakening for all who refuse to accept what is not true - and thus are stripped of obstacles to a greater recognition. But as long as fear is setting the agenda, the awakening is only stirring.

OK... I now see you were identifying 'terrorist' with guilt tripping kids to conform.
The bogeyman - or the deprivation of magical blessings - are very real as fears within the human mind, its emotional constructed identity and it bodily energetic of contracted and blocked energy flow. We have different patterns of fear and so different imaging of what represent it in our experience.

But that which confirms us as believing we are not good - the fear of which deprives us of Presence, is part of our adaptation to the family and culture of our birth and sets up a particular framework that can be challenged and healed or not as the choice may be.
The lovelessness recycles until it meets a willingness to no longer pass it on.

When we no longer put it out, we know ourself and our world differently. What we give out is what we get back. But a mind divided against itself knows not what it does.... trying to make the grade and meet Santa?

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